Apple’s iconic iPods to be ‘demoted’ to accessory shelves in retail stores

“Apple Stores over the next week that will see the iconic iPod line ‘demoted’ to being a stockable product on the accessories wall rather than having its own section,” MacNN reports.

“Currently, a small iPod section has been used to sell both the music player and demonstrate Beats headphones, but this will be cannibalized to create space,” MacNN reports. “Instead, iPod units will be available for customers to grab directly off the wall for purchase.”

MacNN reports, “The goal of the changes is to provide more space for more products on display that customers can ‘kick the tires’ with, or work with employees to better understand and decide on what they want to buy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s time, but it’s also sad to see the product that helped propel Apple to where it is today hung on the wall like a plastic iPhone case.


    1. Can anyone guess what the next product to be demoted to accessory shelves in Apple’s retail stores will be?

      Answer: iPhone 6, 7, 8

      And the very final product to be demoted to accessory shelves in Apple’s retails stores will be?

      Answer: MacDongle computer

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Apple has announced that it will be selling the brand new, state of the art Windows Phone I all their retail stores in the U.S. starting I early September.

        In an effort to better serve their customers, Apple is planning to discontinue the iPhone in order to make room for the Windows Phone.

        Sounds like Apple has finally decided to listen to their customers!

        🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. My 9 year old nephew has almost saved enough money to buy his first big item… He wants a 64GB iPod touch with engraving.

    Believe it or not (and this is just one guy who takes one kid to one school) but all his friends also have iPod touches, they’re everywhere in his school. I remember SJ saying he loved the iPod touch because it was basically an iPhone without the phone bit, but now with FaceTime and iMessage, it IS a phone, just only when you are on wifi or tethered. Ideal for a 9 year old who can’t (and quite rightly shouldn’t) get a contract.

    I’ve got a 128GB iPod touch that I use for the car and vacation. They’re brilliant, I hope Apple never ever discontinues them.

    1. Put a VoIP app on the iPod Touch and it is a phone with an inbound number. WiFi is everywhere.

      Comcast has an xFinity app that allows you to connect to just about any business that has Comcast as the ISP. Many other cable companies offer similar setups and their apps are interoperable. Non customers and those without the app will be unable to access the WiFi.

      If your can has WiFi or you have a Hotspot, the iPod Touch with a VoIP app can also be a mobile phone.

      They are also had when you travel overseas as WiFi is everywhere and you need not worry about data roaming fees. I use an app called TruPhone- which also works on the data network of your iPhone and iPad.

  2. Yep I bought a 128Gb iPod Touch recently that will probably be my last due to the life of these devices and the limited lifespan of me. I hope I have a reason to buy another in another 5-10 years. But my two iPod Classics from 2005 & 2007 are also still going strong. I wish someone made an app that aped the display and functionality style of the old iPod on these newer iPod Touches. Guess I’m a creature of habit.

  3. I still think Apple should rebrand the iPod touch to iPad nano as this better reflects the product’s relationship to the rest of the iOS ecosystem. It would also make upselling to an iPad mini or iPad Air a bit easier.

  4. I agree with this move, however if they want to clear some space in the stores, how about getting rid of the chunky, embarrassing 2007 Apple Cinema Display and the non-Retina Macbook Pro?

  5. Maybe in small Apple Stores. But I think it keeps its current (already small) display footprint in most stores. It’s just iPod touch, nano, and shuffle. The new iPod touch, at the very least, should be on display to allow demos.

  6. It is just a lack of imagination that is leading to iPod line up being dumped by apple. The iPod classic was stopped because they could not find parts to make it, was one of the lamest excuses heard. Apple without Steve Jobs just don’t have it in them to innovate where no one see potential. iPod was a product in a non-existent ecosystem, iPhone was a marked departures from what smartphones should be Etc… The present Apple dishes out Apple watch, and Apple music buys Beats crap and go all out to say to the world how beautiful they all are, it is plain ridiculous and silly.

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