Developer hacks Apple watchOS to support custom watch faces

Developer Hazma Sood today has shared his latest work: Custom watch faces on Apple Watch.

“Sood has shared the source code that he used to create the custom watch faces to GitHub,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac.

“For those curious, Sood’s Apple Watch is running the watchOS 2.0 beta,” Miller reports. “The developer was able to completely integrate his custom watch faces into watchOS, allowing them to be seamlessly chosen from the first-party interface.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here we go!


        1. Let’s put it this way: I have no reason whatsoever to buy an Apple Watch. Except as a– get this– a watch. Custom watch faces MIGHT give me a reason to buy one. As, you know, a watch. As is, none of the features I’ve seen so far have made me think twice about replacing the very nice $3,000 watch I have on my wrist right now.

      1. Well I am SURE that will happen once they are also vetted and approved by Apple. Since apps to do so are not available until Watch OS 2, we will see. There are too many $$$ opportunities for fun faces to ignore. Imagine watch faces with Disney/Marvel characters alone. Luke Skywalker pointing out the time with light sabers, etc.. Heh.

  1. Cute face . . . for about 20 seconds. After that it becomes annoying which is why Apple would never create one of those.

    The day of Apple third-party watch faces without hacking will come soon enough.

  2. Now come on. Why can’t developers make watch faces. Apple could set up a rigorous approval process like they have with their iPhone and Mac apps. I bet their are some developers out there that could come up with some neat (and useful) watch faces (like me).

    1. Can you imagine wading through all those submissions? Passing a subjective judgement on the merits of each one? You know Apple has actually pay people to do that sort of thing, right? They simply don’t want crap on the Watch, and they don’t want to deal with another approval process.

        1. It’s not the customer going through the faces to make a choice. I was Apple’s developers who approve or deny acceptance for 3rd party apps in the App Store. It’s paying those people to wade through what would likely be thousands of submissions, and making a judgement call on each of them.

  3. Apple needs to create and/or allow others to create more watch faces. I didn’t like most of the originals, and I am already bored with the ones I did like.

    This seems like a simple, basic thing that should have been possible at launch.

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