Apple’s Dr Dre tops UK album chart after 16-year absence

“U.S. hip-hop mogul Dr Dre topped the British album chart on Friday with ‘Compton.’ his first record in 16 years, while ‘Marvin Gaye,’ U.S singer Charlie Puth’s collaboration with Meghan Trainor, climbed 89 places to become the highest-selling single,” Angus Berwick reports for Reuters.

“Compton, which the 50 year-old rapper has dedicated to his Californian birthplace of the same name, outperformed its nearest competitors by over 28,000 combined chart sales, the Official Charts Company said,” Berwick reports. “Dr Dre’s return comes after a successful stretch in the producer’s seat during which he fostered hip-hop artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Timbaland.”

Berwick reports, “He also became a successful entrepreneur and sold his headphone company Beats to Apple for 3 billion dollars in 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple didn’t buy Beats for their awful headphones, but congrats to Dr. Dre on the success of Compton! Surely the future Compton Performing Arts Center is very happy, too!

Apple’s Dr. Dre to donate royalties of new album to build Compton Performing Arts Center – August 10, 2015
Compton: Dr. Dre’’s first album in 16 years will be an Apple Music exclusive, debut this Friday – August 3, 2015


    1. And hey you SOB rap hypocrites, if you persist on using N words in your music then you tacitly give approval for the culture at large to use it freely too – you can’t have your ethnic slur cake and eat it too. It’s not just the purview of black people only if you keep putting it in capitol letters and in-yer-face in pop culture. So much for the genuine desire to move beyond past stereotypes, derogatory terms and distancing behavior. It’s not cute, it’s not fun and it ain’t “artistic.” Fartistic emphatically yes!

      You should be ashamed of yourself but it only proves you will eagerly sell out other blacks and the whole cause of civil rights if there’s a buck in it for you. You are disgusting and pathetic on so many levels Dr. Dre.

      1. So I’ll start out saying I’m Black, and I don’t approve of the N-word regardless of whose saying it. However having said that, retards like you make me sick to my stomach. The fact is certain Black people choose to use that word as a term of friendship and even when a Black person is using it negatively there is no racist connotation to it. It’s basically the equivalent to calling someone an asshole. Now you thinking that Black people using a term and changing it’s meaning in how they use it in their own community somehow entitles society as a whole to use it as a racial slur shows you are either a troll, or have a double digit IQ. Beyond that, if you are a decent human being and not a POS why would you want to use the term or use Black people’s use of the term to defend any other POS that uses it as a racial slur? Plus if you’re “not a fan” of Dr. Dre why read and comment on an article about DR. DRE? You’re obviously not very happy in your life and are just looking for some reason to vent. Do yourself a favour and try and fix your problems in the real world, then you won’t have so much time to make stupid comments about a genre of music and culture you know nothing about. Good luck.

        1. Your logic is incredibly lame. Your ad hominem style doesn’t help you make any points but just a part of the same boorish mentality that creates such dubious musical claptrap. Guys like you make ME utterly nauseous by your lack of perspective and acceptable low level of music tastes.

          I am sorry but you CAN’T have your ethnic slur cake and eat it too, while excluding everyone else from your high-fiving ethnic-exclusive “slur club.”

          You know that if another ethnic group (white or otherwise) were to call you the “N” word, in a good hearted friendly way, you would look at them with pure loathing. Don’t be disingenuous and two-faced. If it’s an inappropriate word for a group of people it’s inappropriate for all, or no one.

          More ad hominem reading into this as personal unhappiness BS, as if my opinion about Dr. Dre’s supposed musicality can’t be from a very informed artistic point of view. Nice try but typical of iTard Trolls.

          It’s obvious you are the lost soul here who can’t recognize crap when he sees it and must resort to low IQ reasoning tactics to defend it. You are part of the problem.

          BTW I work in the TV, movie & music business and my tolerance is higher than many. My next door neighbor is a gregarious black composer who writes electronic music in this hip-hop/rap style for clubs.

          Fortunately I grew up, unlike you apparently, with a broad eclectic range of music styles from fair to great artists but still know talentless garbage passed off as music when I hear it. It’s sad you don’t. No doubt you are compelled from peer or black culture pressure. It’s funny the question of what’s poor music or not does not even seem to enter your mind. Even if some rap/hip-hop can be considered reasonably good you seem to defend it all as great. NOT.

          Someone posted some of Dre’s dreadful barf-inducing lame lyrics here and so I rest my case (on this kind of crude mediocrity by anyone’s standard). There are many wonderful and truly talented black artists who’ve managed not to succumb to this cheap dre-dgery. I recognize there are many fooled by it and, GASP!, enjoy it. Not me fortunately. Enjoy what you want but caveat emptor or “esse solliciti sitis mali musica.”

          Good luck to you too.

  1. Hmm, getting really down-voted. Hilarious. Fools.

    Didn’t realize so many people visiting here had such terrible taste in music and an abiding interest in keeping the “N” word alive as well as supporting talentless & cynical music hacks out for the money. A lot of supported music today is sort of like a Stockholm Syndrome phenomenon from them that don’t know any better, since they’ve been held hostage so long.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves as well sanctioning this utter crap.

    1. Notice I take no prisoners in this view?

      My Cherokee Nation heritage (with it’s genocidal history at the hands of Europeans) doesn’t entitle me either to use indigenous Native American Indian slurs while talk-rapping & set to crappy rinky-dink so-called music with arrangements morons could write (and do).

      And you don’t see Italians, Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, etc. doing it either. I relate to the cause of downtrodden people everywhere but not to crass and cheap exploitation that won’t STFU.

    2. Of course you’re getting downvoted You sound like a freaking idiot. You come in here and you insult people for their taste in music. Get over it and get over yourself. I don’t give a damn about the lyrics but Dre’s music is awesome.

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