Apple’s latest diversity report shows progress

“Apple updated its Inclusion and Diversity page today with the company’s newest numbers for 2015 on the percentage of employees it’s hired based on ethnicity and gender,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac.

“While Apple’s long been criticized as a hiring mostly white males, the company made some big improvements in the last year, by hiring the largest ever group of employees from underrepresented groups in a single year,” Hein reports. “Over 11,000 women were hired globally by Apple last year, marking a 65% increase over the previous year.”

“In the United States, Apple has increased its hiring of black and hispanic employees by 50% and 66% over the last year,” Hein reports. “The company’s global gender split is now 69% male and 31% female, which is a marginal improvement over last year’s 70-30 split. Apple’s global percentage of white employees dropped to 54% — it was 55% last year — while percentage of Black employees increased to 8% — up from 7% in 2014. Asian employees saw the largest increase from 15% in 2014, to 18% in 2015.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s “Inclusion and Diversity” page is here.

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  1. So, Apple should be hauled before a judge to explain why they are picking and choosing gender and race as a condition of employment rather than qualification and merit. You can’t just up and decide to hire everyone else but white males, right? Or has the homosexual CEO of Apple (this is a fact, his admission) who seems to be a bit shy to introduce his partner to the world like most normal leaders do at social functions, etc., now has chosen to discriminate? Come on Teddy baby … what say you? Cat got your tongue?

      1. “on the percentage of employees it’s hired based on ethnicity and gender”

        This is pure racism. Your statement indicates you support this load of racist bullshit. X is right here, this is an abomination, hire people based upon what they can do for your company, not based upon what color their skin is.

        I would have left off the homosexual reference, however, that’s irrelevant, unless this is another area they are discriminating in hiring.

    1. I’m just guessing you’re a straight white dude. Am I wrong?

      It’s hard to take privileged people seriously when they are complaining about efforts to help underprivileged sectors.

      I’d recommend to you personally, just shutting the fuck up in general when the topic comes up. People will hate you less.

      1. “It’s hard to take privileged people seriously”

        It’s hard to take anyone seriously who uses “privilege” to try to mask racism and justify it.


  2. Well, we don’t know what is going on, but it is highly suspicious that you can just snap your fingers and increasing hiring of women by 65%. I do not believe Apple was systematically discriminating against women. So they are now intentionally hiring women.

    Consequently in order to increase hiring of women by 65% they must necessarily discriminate against men.

    Intentional diversity is politically correct discrimination and it always backfires.

    Prior to “outreach” quotas being instituted to hire blacks during the 70s it was often said of blacks that “That person must really know their shit to get hired there” or “You have to work twice as hard to be regarded has half as good.”

    After the quota crap started, it was almost overnight… “Do you want some black guy running your MIS Department who only got the job because he was black?” Even amongst black people there was a saying… “Did you check the box?” I.e. did you check “Black” on the employment application to increase your chances of getting the job. I.e. even black people found a way to figure out who was hired because of the quota and look down upon them.

    One time I made a decision to use my race to get hired, and that was when I was applying for an IT director job at Motown Record Company. The job just fit perfectly, and working in the entertainment industry for a change sounded like fun.

    So I had to figure out some way to let them know I was black without coming right out and saying it. I just knew they would care about that. I thought of including a picture. That was still to tacky. So I mentioned in my extracurricular activities that I was a member of the NSBE and MEP or National Society of Black Engineers and the Minority Engineering Program. It worked.

    The hiring parties told me that they were having hell locating a black candidate. Everyone applying had been white. I used my skin pigment to go to the front of the line. After that, it didn’t matter if I could spell Macintosh.

    During the interview they described network issues they were having, etc. They walked me around to look at things and off the bat I could see a dozen issues, not the least of which they were still combining ancient AppleTalk equipment with EtherNet equipment. HP Switches which notoriously hated AppleTalk at the time were in their racks, but none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was by lovely brown skin.

    I felt like crap after that. I took the job because I needed to leave where I was due to personal reasons, but I was punished. Horrible place to work.

    1. It’s great that underserved people war now included. Perhaps there will be a time when the need to “inversely discriminate” will disappear. That day isn’t here yet.

      I’m lucky to work in a diverse workplace that evolved naturally. My friends tell me that it is statistically an outlier to have the experience I have.

  3. I hope I live long enough to see straight middle aged white Protestant men become the beneficiary of legislated affirmative action etc. I could use some job favouritism, which I have yet to experience for myself.

  4. Maybe Apple sponsored skill building programes with inner city and Mexican area kids who show potential and enthusiasm to give them an equal opportunity in the future to be qualified for a job. Apple employees could donate time and money to such programmes if they wanted. Tim could report on progress as he does with improving worker conditions in China programmmes. One way to increase diversity that gives the best and not artifically imposed.

    1. The best way to help inner city kids is to work to restore the institution of marriage. Tim Cook helped destroy it.
      Children with a mom and a dad perform the best by far. They are far more likely to graduate, not get arrested, go on to college and lead productive lives.

      1. Apparently, some recent studies show that children with two dads (or two moms) perform even better. It is difficult to determine the exact cause, but most believe the reason is that gay parents must jump through millions of hoops and face heavy scrutiny before society would allow them to raise children. And once that are allowed, they put a lot of effort to give those children best possible opportunities.

        If you are heterosexual, society deems you automatically fit for parenting; hell, many will even force you to be a parent even if you don’t want to be one, if you end up pregnant. But those same people are the most vocal opponents of allowing gay couples to have a family, regardless of their status or commitment.

  5. This artifically imposed instant diversity to get impressive, industry leading diversity percentages seems like rot in the apple to me and is “placing artifical barriers in the way of hiring the very best.” Its good to want to give everyone an equal fair chance at a job offered, even go to extra effort to search out qualified possible applicants with black skin, Mexican, female, physically handicapped. Even open Apple skill training programes for inner city or Mexican area kids to give them a better chance at being qualified —give them a better start. But in the end someone who is the best for the job should not be rejected because their skin color or body type doesn’t count towards impressive/applaudible diversity results —which seems like what is happening now. Instant diversification may mean the next generation at Apple will be the most diversified but no longer the best, and so you get the Sony syndrone creeping in. It does seem as if the focus at Apple has shifted from being the best to being the most diversified. Better to diversify opportunity so minorities and econonomically disadvantaged have an equal chance to be the best and can compete on a level playing field for a job where the best gets the job whatever there color, gender, economic status, etc.

  6. Funny how nobody here is entertaining the possibility that Apple is getting better and better at removing artificial racial obstacles to minorities and women, and it is showing results.

    White males dominate the Silicon Valley. And intuitively, they will always try to hire other white males. This is a normal human property, to instinctively look for people that look like yourself. It requires a conscious effort to overcome. There are tons of studies that confirm this instinctive bias.

    My conclusion is that Apple is slowly harvesting the benefits of policies designed to lower that instinctive bias we all have. I have no doubt that the ultimate result of this is actually better quality of recruits. Once people learn how to suppress that built-in bias, they are capable of selecting candidates with true merit, the kind that goes beyond their skin colour.

  7. Yeah, the folk at Apple are already doing a lot of great things to improve the lot of the disadvantaged and minorities —Apple’s “Diversity at Apple, Inclusion inspires innovation” page is an interesting read —inspiring!. I do appreciate Apple are working hard making lots of exciting changes in all kinds of areas—doing what’s right— to improve people’s quality of life in so many different ways. And I’m sure there’s much more being done we don’t hear about.

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