Apple’s September 9 special media event: What to expect

“Apple should introduce new iPads, iPhones and (potentially) the long-awaited Apple TV at a special event in the week beginning September 7 (currently predicted to be September 9, but this may change),” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The new model iPhones take things several steps further. Don’t expect it to look too different, but expect a new A9 processor, better battery life, double the on-board RAM and a radically different user interface (with Force Touch). Network reception will potentially boast double LTE speeds and incoming Wi-Fi improvements. The 12-megapixel camera will be capable of creating DSLR quality pictures,” Evans writes. “Apple is deadly serious about photography.”

“Apple has no intention of ceding the tablet market it continues to dominate and the new iPad refresh will aim to build the momentum,” Evans writes. “There’s speculation Apple might introduce the long-awaited 12.9-inch iPad Pro capable of fully exploiting the many iPad-focused enhancements we already know are on the way in iOS 9, but what we do know is that processor, display, and Force Touch will feature across the range. The iPad mini and iPad Air will be significantly improved, with the smaller device being an iPad Air 2 equivalent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That camera alone is going to induce may iPhone upgraders – even from among the iPhone6/Plus contingent, but what we really want to see is Apple to go hard on iPad improvement to trigger what we think is a pent-up market looking for a reason to upgrade their existing, long-in-the-tooth iPads.


  1. Let me correct that for you:
    currently predicted to be September 9, but this may BE INCORRECT

    Journalists are like analysts. Their predictions are cast in stone. Any deviation is Apples ‘delay’ or ‘failure’.

  2. I refuse to get my hopes up for a new Apple TV, only to have them dashed again. I have been ready to replace my 720p Apple TV for over a year now, but I’ve been holding off, because it always seems like the new hot model is just around the corner. When they dropped the price on the current model, I almost pulled the trigger, but then everyone started predicting a new model at WWDC,

    I’ve reverted to using our PS3 as our primary streaming box. When the Apple TV is updated, I’ll get a new one, until then, the PS3 works fine.


        1. You’re all part-right, part short-sighted. A quality picture is a combination (overlooking the talent of the photograph, of course) of glass quality, lens geometry, number of megapixels, design and layout of those pixels, software, quality and accuracy of design and construction. I use a Nikon D4 and a Hasselblad. I would never expect DSLR quality from a smartphone. My lenses poke out significantly from the camera body. If that were not essential to a “good” photo, the camera/lens designers would not demand it.

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