11 clever iPhone hacks: Apple’s smartphone is full of little surprises

“The iPhone has undergone quite the transformation since it was first launched in 2007,” Kelly Sheridan reports for InformationWeek. “We’ve watched as Apple’s famous smartphone evolved from its basic model of eight years ago to the high-powered iPhone 6 Plus currently on the market.”

“With the launch of the iPhone, Apple took a big risk in redesigning the modern cellphone, and it continues to pay off big-time,” Sheridan reports. “The company announced a record-setting 47.5 million iPhone shipments during its most recent fiscal third quarter. It’s easy to see why the iPhone has been such a tremendous success — it’s powerful, easy to use, and comes with a massive app store offering everything from annoyingly addictive games to technical tools for niche professions.”

“You know the iPhone is one of the most efficient smartphones on the market; you may even have one for business purposes and another for personal use. But how well do you know your iPhone?” Sheridan asks. “I recently upgraded my personal phone from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6 and have since become obsessed with exploring the seemingly endless capabilities of my new device. It seems I discover a new feature, however subtle, every day.”

11 clever iPhone 6 hacks in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A good collection of tips that every iPhone user should know and utilize.


      1. Exactly CitizenX. Abusing meaningful words into generalizations seems to be a meme within the stupefying decline of technology journalism. These are NOT ‘hacks’. These are commonly called ‘tips and tricks’:

        1) Creating new, extra long passwords for your iPhone.
        2) Saving web links to your home screen.
        3) Double-tapping the space bar at the end of a sentence.
        4) Silent LED flashing for alerts
        . . . Etc.

        IOW: Naughty Kelly Sheridan! Please do your research before you write. Pick one definition for ‘hack’. None apply in your article.


        Otherwise, it’s a very useful article! No argument there!

        1. I didn’t know about the notification when the battery runs out but for the most part, I knew the rest.

          They are not ‘hacks’, they are ‘features’. Features have benefits to the customer.

  1. I have to admit to not reading the whole article because 12 pages plus ads is far beyond what I can tolerate, but here’s my favorite:

    iPhone signal strength display mod. No jailbreak needed.

    Turn off Siri.
    Go into the phone app keypad.
    Enter *3001#12345#* and press send.

    The iPhone enters field test mode.

    Press the sleep button until the power slider appears (don’t slide it).
    Press and hold the Home button until the home screen reappears.
    Turn Siri on.

    At this point the signal strength will be shown as a numerical value in dB, by tapping this area (it can be tricky depending which app is running) the display will toggle between the numerical value and standard dots.

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