What to do if iCloud Music Library kills iTunes music

“Apple has engaged in several key transitions, from AIM to Intel, from Mac OS to OS X, but it seems the biggest challenge it has faced is seen in the migration from iTunes to Apple Music, with multiple reports claiming libraries of music have been destroyed,” Evans writes. “Here are some ways to address these problems.”

“Symptom [1]: You are using iTunes/Apple Music on Mac and iPhone,” Evans writes. “When you turn on iCloud Music Library on your Mac the metadata becomes confused (you might see incorrect album art, or play incorrect tracks). It is possible your library data has been corrupted – but repair is quite simple. Symptom [2]: You may have previously cancelled an iTunes Match subscription and now your music library shows incorrect artist, song and artwork details in iTunes Match or Apple Music.”

Evans writes, “These problems do not affect everybody (not at all), though it remains a little disappointing Apple’s cloud service transition is not without friction – that’s an ongoing challenge the company must resolve, given the importance of cloud service in future tech.”

Fixes in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck to those affected!


  1. Anyone that’s been paying any attention to this at all should know by now not to trust or use iCloud Music Library until they figure out this problem. In fact, Apple should disable the features that involve iCloud Music Library until then. I never turned it on when I started using Apple Music because I didn’t trust anything, even Apple, reaching into my music library that I’ve spent years labeling, rating and organizing. My lack of trust served me well. There is a lot to like and enjoy about Apple Music without turning the iCloud Music Library on, and I’ll continue to use it. But it is very disappointing to see Apple shoot itself in the foot like this. Come on…

    1. I’ve had no problems related to my iTunes library. Based on the number of people participating in the free trial period, it is more likely that failing hard drives (during the same period) have “destroyed” more iTunes libraries than the Apple Music service.

    2. iCloud music library used to be called iTunes match. When the current version of iTunes came out I didn’t have to do anything to get my library screwed up, it happened all on its own.

      Songs (not many) got protected and about 30% of my library got downgraded to 128kbps. I can revert about 75% of my library back to 256 *BUT* the bulk download feature is gone so that means I have to re-download each song individually (there are thousands) AND play counts, lyrics and other metadata are lost. To add insult to injury, music downloads run about 1% the speed of what they used to run.

      This pile of crap should have been released as a beta during the trial period, NOT as a standard update.

  2. I’ve had it. iTunes has screwed me. Why is it SO damn difficult to do ANYTHING with it? To get an audio file from my iMac to my iPhone it harder than hitch-hicking to Mars, for God’s sake!!!!!

    Thinks used to just work. CERTAINLY not anymore in iTunes.

    I’m about ready to dump Apple. It’s hard to her myself say that, but I think I’d rather just do without than to have to fight with iTunes anymore.

    I certainly am not going to buy anymore apps for my iPhone and will seriously consider dumping it after this one dies just for a simpler life!

    I have 2 iMacs, iPhone 6 Plus for both my wife and I, an iPad Air 2 and Apple TV. I HATE the idea of leaving this ecosystem, not for another, but for a simple, stupid phone, just to get out of the crap of trying to weekly figure out iTunes over and over. Crap!

    1. In same boat, iTunes 10/11 worked pretty good. 12….. I want to have a little chat with those responsible in a dark alley..

      Fixed most of the problem, but still a pain in the ass.

      iTunes 12, bad move apple.

  3. I refuse to buy another app or use iTunes anymore. I’m sick of trying to navigate it’s stupidity. I’ve lost most of my music organization and content somehow.
    It’s stupid. I will eventually just let my Apple ecosystem die if Apple doesn’t fix iTunes to even resemble something that actually works.
    Yeah, I’ll give up a lot, but, damn, I’m tired of fighting this. It’s ridiculously stupid, annoying, and aggravating. Such that I’m ready to move to a simplier, less “smart” system. Enough is enough.

  4. Sigh….Apple Music has been an absolute nightmare. And judging from the media Apple has been getting, I’d say it is very much a net negative for the company. What is so sad is that Apple *STILL* has not learned about the value of TESTING new software services before releasing them. All of this could have been caught in a proper beta test had Apple the vision to actually conduct such a test.

    Spotify has nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about.

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