Apple’s already the No. 1 Internet of Things company

“Google may have poured billions into buying smart thermostat maker Nest Labs, but according to a new piece of consumer research, Apple’s the company most people think of when it comes to Internet of Things devices,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“Conducted by ThroughTek, a leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions provider, almost half of consumers (48 percent) aware of IoT devices on the market are said to be familiar with Apple’s devices in the category, while just 22 percent know Samsung’s, 15 percent know Amazon’s, and 13 percent know Google’s,” Dormehl reports. “Despite, you know, the fact that Apple’s not really an Internet of Things company at all!”

Dormehl reports, “Apparently the device that people are most familiar with is the Apple Watch…”

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MacDailyNews Take: You can never overestimate power of the Apple brand.

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  1. All of the “things” on the Internet of Things will require an interface to interact with them, and most will not have any screens or buttons on the device itself through which to do that. A wrist-worn smart screen like the Apple Watch is the natural interface into the Internet of Things.

  2. At this early, bleeding edge time in the evolution of the IOT (Internet of things), I’m not sure Apple’s going to exactly enjoy this distinction of being #1. We humans tend to simplify things to the point of absurdity. We already know that vast numbers of IOT devices are NOT secure. The recent Internet hack of Fiat Chrysler cars is an excellent example. Oops. Any Joe Blow with the skills can crash affected cars and kill people, if they so desire.

    IOT has had an awful start regarding security. If people start associating all these IOT security holes with Apple, the #1 purveyor of IOT tech, then blahblahblah. Another example would be the large botnet of IOT devices identified last year, including (reportedly) refrigerators. Yes, your IOT refrigerator may be a net bot. 😱😕

    OR hopefully Apple will be singled out as the company Doing IOT Right! That would be wonderful. 😀

  3. Google already dominates the IoT by having many appliances of sorts running Android OS. Refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, TVs, thermostats and robots are being powered by Android. Apple iOS has zero devices out there because they don’t let anyone use iOS. Out of need, Google is getting into everything. Apple appears content to coast along with a couple of iOS devices. Apple doesn’t seem to have any interest in dominating any market. Apple’s and Google’s ideas of success are completely different from each other. Will Apple even license iOS for use by other companies? Unlikely.

    1. Oh, they dominate all right – in malware and security issues. The “Things” in IoT do not need full-blown Android devices to be IoT devices – that’s where the issue is. iOS does not need to live on the device, it merely needs to be able to interface with them in a meaningful way – via embedded devices like Raspberry Pi, or even less – the less the better as in fewer security issues. Your reasoning is entirely fallacious if you believe every IoT device requires an Android device resident in the device itself – they don’t now, and there is no reason why they should. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


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