Tom Brady: I replaced that broken Samsung with an Apple iPhone 6

“Tom Brady took a shot at Samsung while defending himself in the Deflategate scandal — claiming he didn’t randomly destroy his cell phone, but junked it because it was broken… in exchange for an iPhone!” TMZ screams.

“After the NFL issued a statement claiming Brady was more than suspicious when he 86’d his phone on the same day he was supposed to meet with investigators, TB finally fired back,” TMZ reports. “‘I also disagree with yesterdays narrative surrounding my cellphone. I replaced my broken Samsung phone with a new iPhone 6 AFTER my attorneys made it clear to the NFL that my actual phone device would not be subjected to investigation under ANY circumstances,'” [Brady said].”

TMZ reports that Brady further stated, “‘There is no ‘smoking gun’ and this controversy is manufactured to distract from the fact they have zero evidence of wrongdoing.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Right about now, Samsung’s got to be feeling a bit deflated.

There’s no way a guy making $14 million in 2015 (not counting endorsements and other income) should be using a poor man’s iPhone.

Congrats on finally getting a real iPhone, Tom!


    1. Tom Brady’s phone “broke” after NFL requested that he turn the phone over to them. It doesn’t surprise me that a cheater would attempt to hide or destroy evidence that might prove their culpability.

    1. A-rod, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Tonya Harding, Jose Conseco, etc. etc. on and on … I don’t believe in any sports stars anymore. They are all cheats until they prove otherwise in my opinion. I mean what NFL linebacker hasn’t used steroids, except for the ones from Tonga? No one gets that big without dope. It is just not possible. We know Arnold doped when he was a body builder. It is all fake folks.

      Plus Bill Belichick has been caught cheating before when he secretly taped the Jets defensive plays (and who knows how many other teams). Do anyone really believe Brady is innocent and Bill didn’t know? Does anyone really think he/they won’t do it again? Come on! Give yourself a stupid smack!

      1. The Patriots beat the Eagles by only 3 points in the 2004 SuperBowl. It was strange how the Patriots defense so often seemed to have anticipated what the Eagles offense was about to do.
        Oh, right, because they probably DID know what play the Eagles were going to run. Belichick’s cheating technique hadn’t yet been discovered.
        They are clearly a good team, so even a slight edge by cheating can make them almost unbeatable. Disgusting.

  1. Tom Brady makes me sick! A four game suspension for rigging the Superbowl is NOT outrageous! The Patriots should be stripped of the title, banned from NFL play for five years and Brady for life.

    Don’t try and drag Apple down into your private hell, Mr. Brady!

    1. Very curious that Tom felt the need to have his data destroyed, the first chance he got. How many people do that? Other than Samsung CEOs, State legislators, Hillary Clinton, or Richard Nixon. And every other person, ever, under suspicion, who invariably had a studiedly casual, unconvincing excuse for the supposedly coincidental disappearance of what might become a smoking gun. “It crawled into my hand, honest!”

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