Survey: Apple Watch positively impacting users’ health and fitness

“This week, we decided to explore what impact the Apple Watch is having on your health, exercise and lifestyle,” Wristly reports in their “Wristly Apple Watch Insider’s Report #13,” dated today, July 28th. “To that end, we also asked you to share some special moments with your Watches. Reading through each of your responses was probably our best moment of the week here at Wristly — it really highlighted that the Watch is not about just one thing or a few, but rather about a series of special moments – many being truly unique to each of us.”

“Making healthy lifestyle changes isn’t always easy. There is a famous quote that says ‘The first step to change is awareness,’ and your responses indicate that the Watch is helping many of you on your health journeys,” Wristly reports. “Over 78% of you agreed or strongly agreed that since getting the Watch, you are more aware of your overall health. In addition, many of you have already made changes with 78% of you agreeing or strongly agreeing that you stand more, 67% that you walk more, 57% that you exercise more and 59% that you make better overall health choices. We saw it in the numbers, and we read it in your comments.”

Wristly Apple Watch Insider’s Report #13

“Making change also requires consistency. We asked you how often you wore your Watch, and an astounding 86% of you say you wear it all day, every day. Another 12% wear it most of the time most days, leaving only 1% of our panel that goes more than a few days without wearing it,” Wristly reports. “Only 3 of you reported that you stopped wearing the Watch. Tim Cook mentioned his own set of numbers during the earnings call – citing 94% of customers continuing to wear their Watches. Our numbers are a tad higher but consistent, with the difference likely attributable to the opt-in nature of our panel.”

Wristly Apple Watch Insider’s Report #13

Read more in the full report here.


    1. Ya know… It’s weird, I was just kinda saying that works for me.

      I see a certain kind of freedom in that. When I get to a certain point in life where life is more of a curse than a gift, well, there’s an app for that.

      I don’t have to bother anyone. No messy icky dirty smelly body left in the bathtub. No crawling into a dumpster with a .45 and a bottle of scotch. The euthanasia van is summoned if the smartwatch calls it, or if I activate the app.

      Someone else takes care of everything. Your corpse is burned.

      There are many people with no family or close ties. Sounds perfect for us. The DeathMobile.

      Then again, some busybody from another planet might show up and screw up the whole system…

  1. I wear my watch every day I have definitely found myself being more active at first because I wanted to reach my goals but now I find myself having to raise the goals often and doubling them on many days without effort for these and many other reasons I am very satisfied with my purchase I love my watch

        1. I find the idea of having to wash my hands after “doing number 1” to be absurd, particularly with auto flush urinals. I’m touching a part of my body that hasn’t been in contact with anything other than clean clothes since I showered. I think you’re much more likely to pick up nasty germs by touching the faucets in public restrooms.

  2. It’s completely transformed my health and fitness. I lost 10 pounds the first month. 5 pounds the second month, and now I’m evening out (I don’t want to lose any more weight). My muscles look more defined, and I’ve got a ton of energy. My blood sugar levels are back in check, so is my blood pressure. And I’m sleeping much better.

    While the Apple Watch alone hasn’t been responsible, it along with the Activity and Health apps have prompted me to get other devices (sleep monitor, BMI scale, blood pressure, O2 sensor, alcohol monitor) and other apps MyFitnessPal, and all around they’ve made a huge impact on my diet, health and fitness.

    I’m also driving safer thanks to the Automatic ODBII sensor and alerts, but that’s another post.

  3. Prior to watch walked less than 2 miles a day at normal pace, exercised less than 15 minutes. Since watch walking more than 6 miles a day at fast pace, exercise 65 minutes a day on average, not including warmup and cool down exercise. Plan to attempt getting in shape to run 10km.

    Last ran 10km in the mid/late 80’s. May be expecting too much, am 63 yo now. If not I’ll stick with walking. 🖖😀⌚️

  4. Ran into 3 people today with apple watches, which I think are the first people I’ve seen wearing an apple watch since it came out. One was a girl about 21 and the other 2 were a couple in their 60s or 70s. I asked them what they thought and all quickly said they loved their watch. The older lady even showed me a few things the watch could do.

    Made me want one even more, holding off for v2 though.

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