Oh ok, Apple Music already has over 10 million subscribers in just four weeks

“Inside sources at some of the major labels — who are bound by ironclad NDAs — say that Apple Music has attracted more than 10 million subscribers in a mere four weeks,” Hits Daily Double reports.

“These sources, who risk possible waterboarding by Robert Kondrk and team for any fissures in Cupertino’s customary wall of silence, have been surprised by how many have signed up for the service during this initial free trial period,” Hits Daily Double reports. “Apple doesn’t make its streaming numbers public but is showing reports to those rights holders, who have been surprised by how big those figures already are.”

“Some rights holders feel Apple should publicize these figures; the decision to do so or not falls to Eddy Cue,” Hits Daily Double reports. “But releasing the numbers would likely go a long way toward turning those who don’t yet get it into believers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With Cue’s blessing or not, the numbers are now out there – and they are spectacular!

Apple may be reticent to trumpet the numbers with numerous government entities currently attempting to conjure up some “antitrust” paydays for themselves over Apple Music.

Sleep tight, Spotify et al.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


      1. I am waiting for iOS9 which precludes my having to plug my iPhone into the car to use CarPlay. That USB input is already being used by an older classic iPod.

        Though I still don’t see Apple Music being a great car option unless a lot of buffering goes on if a bad area is hit and the cell phone companies start getting a lot more generous with their data plans. Obviously the best course of action now is to preload. But I believe that entails mixing a subscription library with existing user-owned material and that is still fraught with peril, as Dalrymple recently experienced. I’m not that trusting. I wish Apple Music were compartmentalized into it’s own area and there was no reason to mix user and Apple Music and risk disaster. Until this is sorted out Apple Music may not be an option for me so much as just buying the music I want. Or using Apple Music only at home.

  1. Just the other day Jim Dalrymple reported losing ~4700 songs from his library and just installing the latest version of iTunes changed a number of my songs into DRMed versions for no apparent reason and I didn’t even look at Apple music.

    I really wish there was an alternative to iTunes.

      1. Most of them after working for a long time with tech support and he’s still missing a couple hundred.

        I was mostly surprised that many of the songs in my library were converted to 128 kbps versions complete with DRM just by installing iTunes. I have no intention of trying ANY streaming service, this dog’s too old to learn new tricks.

          1. Absolutely positive. One album was “The Ultimate Yes – 35th Anniversary Collection”. I recall buying this album a year or two ago and two songs from it were victims of this bug while the rest were left unscathed. It’s entirely random and I’m currently working with a second tier advisor on this problem.

          2. Just to let you know I’,m not entirely insane, about 20 % of my library got downgraded to 128 kbps. Some music was restorable to 256 kbps but the tech asked me to wait. He wasn’t specific, but “something” is being worked on.

            An internal fix? A new version of iTunes? He didn’t know but suggested I skip my monthly backup.

            It seems to be an intermittent problem. You can test by going to an album or song you’ve purchased in the music store and see if the songs say “Play” or have a price next to them. If it’s a price then you’re a victim of the bug.

            1. Of course bugs exist in third party software, it’s that iTunes is a special case. It’s the ambassadorial program to the Windows market and should be as bug free and as finely tuned as humanly possible.

              Over the years I listened to my Windows running friends complain about iTunes being bloatware and buggy. I’d argue with them and explain that Quicktime was the video codec used by iTunes and that Bonjour enabled home sharing. Unfortunately as Apple started adding more features (and bugs) and instead of fixing the bugs, just changed the interface to be more confusing with each iteration, my arguments got weaker and weaker. Not one of these friends would consider an iOS device because they’d have to run iTunes to maintain them and I can’t say I blame them.

              I have hundreds of movies and thousands of television shows and I’ve been a Mac user since ’94 and an iOS user since ’07. I’m firmly locked into Apple’s ecosystem and most of the time I’m very happy to be here, but for the past number of years, each new iteration of iTunes worried me more and the last couple versions of iOS and OS X have caused problems (like no junk mail filtering since Yosemite came out).

              I just wish Apple would get back to the mindset when “It Just Works” was more than a marketing slogan.

        1. To quote Douglas Adams:

          “1. Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works.
          2. Anything that’s invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.
          3. Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things.”

          I did make an exception for the iPhone and iPad, but when it comes to streaming music, I’m firmly in category 3. 🙂

  2. I’m still learning how to use Apple Music for discovering new songs. There is a lot of stuff available so it is a question of know how to find what works for me.
    The 3 month trial period is great because this setup takes time to get used to.

    1. Here’s a tip to give Apple Music info about songs you like, without much additional effort. In your iTunes music library, you may have used the Rating (“stars”) field to give your favorite songs FIVE STARS. Or, maybe you have a “Favorites” playlist that you manually compiled over the years.

      Apple Music adds a new field to songs in your iTunes library called “Love.” To see it (if currently hidden), show your music library or playlist as a simple list of songs. Right-click on the “headings” row, and select “Love” from the menu of possible columns (fields) so that it has a checkmark and appears on the music list. The column heading is a heart symbol. You can drag the Love column next to the song Name column (or wherever you want). In the Love column, mark songs you “love” with a heart.

      If you have a playlist of favorites, do a Select All in the playlist, right-click the selection, and choose “Love” from the menu. If you use the 5-star Rating, sort your music library by Rating so that all of your 5-star songs are grouped together. Or you can create a smart playlist that automatically shows a songs rated 5-star. Select those songs and “love” them. That marks all of your favorite songs with a heart.

      This action should tell Apple Music about songs in your existing iTunes library that are your favorites. And that should improve the suggestions it makes on Apple Music’s “For You” screen.

  3. The flaws doesn’t come from Apple Music.

    It comes in general from iOS8’s new interface where every freaking button has been replaced with a tiny text. Hope this Android vogue vanish soon and we can get buttons back. They don’t need to be bubbly eye candish buttons, just strait square button with clear visible states.

    1. When Scott Forstall makes his triumphant return to Apple, buttons will announce themselves with 3D colour animations, impossible to miss. They will click like electric light switches (choose your favourite sound in Settings). Jony Ive will sulk in the back room.

  4. I found a feature that is practically “hidden” for some reason. In iTunes, while playing an unfamiliar song with Apple Music, I wanted to see a bigger version of the album art – one that I can enlarge to any size. Press and hold down the Command key, then click on the tiny version of the album art next to the Now Playing info. A window appears showing the artwork, and it is resizable. It’s a separate window, so you can place it anywhere.

    This actually works for any song (or other media item) that is currently playing, from Apple Music or your library. I could not find any other more obvious way to show this “Artwork” window.

    1. Holy Crap, ken1w!!!!!!

      You, sir, have made it worth reading MDN. Since they took the album art away from the bottom of the sidebar several versions ago, I’ve been mad that you couldn’t view album art any bigger than a small coaster… until now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

      Why can’t Apple publish little nuggets like this about their stuff? Or do they?

    1. Didn’t see any reason to use streaming before Apple Music. But I do now. We had people visit us and their tast in music was weird. I was so glad I had millions of tracks at my finger tips. The Radio was particularly useful. You can now call me CONVERTED. I WILL be spending $15 pm….that’s about $2 per person in our family.

  5. Loving Apple Music – HATING that it doesn’t work with SONOS “yet” and a little bit worried on how it will work. I DID NOT sign up for the iCloud version on this 1.0 so I’ve had very few issues. I think all the complaints on iTunes are overblown – YES its bloated but I know how it works and can play any music I want. I have subscribed and will be keeping my subscription after the “trial”.

  6. The number of distributed devices capable of using iTunes on a desktop or laptop computer or a mobile device is way up in the hundreds of millions. 10 million give away subscriptions is a success?

    Not really, but time will tell.

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