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“The Apple Watch launched back on April 24, 2015,” Serenity Caldwell reports for iMore. “Since then, we’ve spent three months with the wristwatch. We’ve integrated it into our lives and gotten a much better, deeper understanding of where it fits—and where it doesn’t. So, 90 days later, what do we think of the Apple Watch?”

Rene Ritchie: I like the Apple Watch more than I thought it was. It’s exactly what I expected but better implemented than I anticipated. It does a few things better than anything else, and does them well enough that I’ve come to depend on them being done. It’s not perfect, certainly, but it’s a solid foundation on which Apple can build…Three months later and the Apple Watch has become a vital part of my daily life, and that’s true of very few things.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you’re missing out.

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  1. A few years ago I saved up and got a really nice (& expensive) TAG divers watch. I love it, its heavy and it feels expensive and frankly I feel special when I wear it. Since getting my Apple Watch I have worn my TAG watch just once and while doing so I missed my Apple Watch. I used to take my TAG off when I got home, I keep my Apple Watch on until I go to bed.

    1. No one here is attempting to convince you to buy one, Fred. The people who actually own an Apple Watch and have some experience from which to base their opinion generally seem to like and appreciate the device.

      You, on the other hand, appear to be trying to convince everyone that the Apple Watch is no good. But I have to question the basis for your opinion. You seem to have no experience with the Apple Watch, but your ignorance does not stop you from rendering guidance to others.

      1. Your insecurity is amazing. Besides, you give me way to much credit for my ability to influence the world population. And, nothing you have written has convinced me that any “smart” watch is nothing more than a fanboy identity bracelet.

        1. I wanted a new fitness tracker anyway, thought a heart rate monitor would be a good addition, and as I work in an office basement at home I have terrible (zero) phone reception so miss notifications. I also attend a lot of all-day meetings where I can’t repeatedly fish my phone out to check notifications that could e.g. tell me my train home is delayed, my friend who I’m meeting later can’t make it or my daughter is ill. I’ve also been unconvinced by the insecurity of contactless payments and didn’t want to have to wave my cards or my phone about when, for example, using the London Underground. The Apple Watch solves all those issues for me at about the same or less cost than it would be to get separate solutions (and in some cases there is no other workable option) – and I was absolutely unconvinced about smartwatches too before I got one to give it a try (second hand, so not paying fill price).

          Yes there will be fanboys and adoption will be slower. But I was hugely sceptical and I’ve been won over.

          1. How exactly does Apple Watch work as a fitness tracker? Is measuring heart rate an accurate and useful measure of fitness? Does Apple Watch measure lean muscle mass, percent lean muscle mass, oxygen utilization, serum lipids, serum glucose, serum lactic acid, …?

  2. Loving the watch 3 months in. So glad Apple is not sharing info on sales. I have seen plenty of them in FL. They are showing up more on TV also. I love this accessory to the phone more than iPod. 3 bands to swap already. Probably, I will get all of them over time. Very pleased with the hardware. I ended up giving my son the black sport and getting the SS. Have worn many different watches over the years and never looked forward to putting one on more than this. I suppose most haters will secretly be forced to try an android watch because they hate Apple. We all know it is jealousy. I have a feeling that the watch will be a long term iPod replacement with a much longer product lifetime. It will be integral to the upcoming Automobile and HomeKit world.

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