Apple’s iOS devices continue to dominate Android in podcasting with 82% of listeners

“A report from Clammr collected data on podcast listening habits shows that iOS dominates Android on mobile usage,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Despite Android having a larger install base of smartphone devices than iOS, the iPhone is responsible for the vast majority of podcast listening,” Mayo reports. “According to the study, 82% of smartphone podcasting listening takes place on an iPhone with the iTunes Store podcast directory being a significant reason for uptake.”

Mayo reports, “In addition, despite the vast array of third-party podcast apps available for the iPhone, the report says that over three-quarters of users [78%] listen to podcasts on the iPhone with Apple’s built-in native Podcasts app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The average Android user isn’t very technically astute and was most likely led astray by cellphone salespeople seeking to move whatever fragmandroid phone was offering the highest spifs that day. That’s why Android lags significantly in such things as podcast listening, video consumption, online purchases, data usage, etc. Those who were misled to Android ended up with the wrong phone and they don’t really know how to use it, so they don’t. They pretty much just make voice calls – gack! – on the horrid things. Then, eventually, after two or more miserable years on contract, they wake up, lose the training wheels and graduate to real iPhones.

So, 78%? Not bad for “the worst app Apple has ever made.”

Bring podcasts to Apple Watch ASAP, Apple!

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  1. I use the built in app purely for iTunes/apple tv syncing, as an app it’s basically good enough. It plays podcasts. I’ve tried other apps, but none offer anything truly killer to justify moving. I could stream via airplay from a different app but I can’t always be bothered, it’s nice to be able to do stuff directly.

  2. Podcasting apps away from Apple are awful. To be truthful, the newer OS X version of iTunes – which is damned awful and a step backward- is not as good as previous versions for podcasts.

    I am not sure who is running the UI for iTunes, but I would like to kick them square in the ass over recent versions of iTunes.

    OS X needs a discrete podcast app away from iTunes. Same for video content and audiobooks.

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