A Mac browser you don’t use might be the browser you want to use more

“Just between you and me and the fencepost, I seriously doubt that the world needs another web browser,” Natalia Nowak writes for Mac360. “All the major browsers– Mac, PC, iOS, Android– are fast and have plenty of features.”

“Yet, here we are, moving quickly into the 21st century, and someone who should know better thinks there’s room for just one more browser,” Nowak writes. “Most browsers, Mac, PC, iOS, or Android – are one of these: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari. And, Opera.”

“One of the guys who once ran Opera decided the world needed yet another browser and came up with Vivaldi for Mac and Windows,” Nowak writes. “Vivaldi, even in a preview version, is fast and stable and easy on the eyes. The customization features are handy (why does every major browser have exactly the same visual layout?), notes are cool, and stackable browser tabs are efficient and useful. And, Vivaldi is free…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone using Vivaldi? If so, what do you think?


  1. Grouping websites under a Tab in neat as is the ability to take notes on sites w/screen shots, and display two websites side by side.

    Going to give it a serious try.

    On a commercial level, I would expect Windows and Mac might copy some of those features.

    I wonder how Vivaldi will compete and earn money to stay in business? Must be a unique “tab” or something for paid ads?

  2. I tried it when it first appeared. Can’t say it left a memorable impression, but I still have it. It’s always a good idea to have multiple browsers available for problem web sites.

    1. Agreed…did the same thing you did. Was not impressed by it. It was still rough on the edges. Certain sites would not open fully. And, being in the military, that’s what I tried to open first. Not fully compatible yet. But, it’s still in my apps folder.

  3. I just downloaded it and it seems pretty good at first glance. It currently has no ad blocker or Java script blocker, so I get to see all the ads that I’ve been happily ignoring for so long.

    Interesting that the interface changes colors based on something in the web page you’re looking at.

  4. Bookmarks management is not good yet. Seems rather quick, and has some promise, but if it takes me more than 3 minutest to import and use my bookmarks then I have to wait…just don’t have the patience and just about every other browser works much better in the area. Still, always open to a new browser.

  5. Then there are:

    iCab – I still have it and use it. It’s entirely unique unto itself and does somethings better than any other browser.

    OmniWeb – Still actively (barely) developed. Still my favorite, except that it’s too dusty and creaky to keep up with Safari.

    Dolphin – The only web browser I use on iOS, if I can help it. It even has voice control. Why it is not on OS X I cannot imagine. I wish it was.

    Chromium and spinoffs: There are at least have a dozen renditions of Chromium around. Opera is one of them. I prefer them over Chrome because I’m sick of Google’s first priority of owning their uses and selling them to others. Not acceptable. I NEVER sign into Chromium with my Google account. Don’t cry too hard Google.

    It’s good to see Vivaldi, another unique browser arriving in the community. I’m just now trying it out.

    The big fat problem of course is adherence to standards as well as even agreeing what are the standards. Right now we’re back to the bad olden days mess of what browser works best on what site. For me, Safari is the standard. If it can render a page, It’s time to contact Apple.

  6. Safari is pretty good, already, although Chrome is faster, and Firefox is a decent third choice.

    Also, a new browser might be be open to malware attacks and other exploits.

    I’ll pass on Vivaldi.

    1. I find Safari fast enough and very stable so I am sticking with it. I don’t trust Chrome at all because with Google, I am the product and not the customer.

  7. Been using Vivaldi since January ’15 (ver TP As expected, early TP was a bit coarse. Gets better with each TP released. Going to stick with it to see where they take it.

  8. I just recently downloaded Tor’s browser for Mac. Not sure that I will go to it as default as by default a lot of things are disabled for security purposes and so that you are not tracked. Like the concept though.

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