Oh ok, Spotify listeners are upgrading to Apple Music

“Put it down to the service’s 90-day ‘pay nothing’ trial, or its selection of over 30 Million songs and human-curated playlists being available via a simple request to Siri … but one thing appears certain,” Arron Hirst reports for RazorianFly. “Apple Music is managing to convert Spotify listeners.”

“The service which launched at the end of last month, along with Apple’s new radio effort – Beats 1 – is continuing to draw in listeners from a whole host of music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Play Music, Beats Music and TIDAL,” Hirst reports. “The data arrives courtesy of a revealing poll held by the folks over at 9to5Mac.”

Hirst reports, “According to the ongoing results of the poll, Apple Music reflects the first streaming music service tried for 19.15% of respondents (2,457 votes), while 33.7% of respondents said they were using Apple Music and had switched wholeheartedly from Spotify (4,323 votes)…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wait, you mean music lovers want a significantly larger library, vastly superior curation, a revolutionary worldwide radio station, custom Internet radio stations and more? Oh ok. 😉

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  1. Can Apple do to ITunes Movies what it has done to Tune music? Why can’t Apple create their own Netflix. And on top of that Audio Book streaming service. I love Apple Music and canceled my Spotify.

        1. I might be wrong but it looks like Netflix has doubly outperformed Apple as far as making money for shareholders is concerned over the past ten years. And for a relatively profitless stock, Amazon shareholders have seen about half of what Apple shareholders have received. So even if those companies are losing money those shareholders are at least getting more bang for the buck.

          One might think that Apple with all that revenue, profits and reserve cash would be much further ahead in returning money to shareholders, but I know there’s more to it than that. Those other companies have fewer shareholders to spread the wealth to.

          Let’s face it, some people know how to generate wealth out of almost nothing. At least that’s what Netflix is doing. I’m not complaining. I’ve been holding most of my Apple stock since 2004 and have made out like a bandit from the company. I’m mainly talking about recent Apple investors not getting much out of a company that’s wealthy beyond measure.

  2. MDN can you stop with the ridiculous Spotify bashing. Until Apple Music it has CLEARLY been the Cadillac of streaming services.
    Monopolies are only bad, competition is always good. Consumers only win when the latter happens, not the former.

    1. It’s the same jollies we get out of shocking the current leaders of an area of technology out of their reverie, hubris and self-appointed leadership. The RIM Syndrome. Nothing wrong with that. Let others bump up and create their own music services that can compete with Apples. Granted a tough row to hoe.

    2. First, the only monopoly Apple has is in profits.

      Secondly, we’ve suffered three-plus decades watching the ugliness and evilness of Microsoft and Adobe and Google and Samsung and their respective ugly and evil minions, as well as a litany of wannabes and half-hearts, trying to tear Apple down, and we’ll damn well trumpet every single Apple achievement. And personally, I will bask in the failures The Most Egregious Four, mentioned above.

  3. C’mon. An ongoing survey conducted by 9to5Mac shows that of some of their respondents have left Spotify where they have to pay or listen to ads for Apple Music which is free for three months? In what way is this not just click bait? How could the results have been any other way?

    1. I’d go a step further and point out that even amongst the fan based that this poll targets, 22% aren’t using Apple Music at all and 16% said they are only using it during the trial.

      Honestly, the poll results given the target demo aren’t very good.

      This doesn’t mean Apple Music’s launch hasn’t been successful or the service wont be successful, it’s just when you so narrowly target the favorable demo, you’d expect better results.

    1. I doubt that. In my case, I’ve never used Spotify but tried Pandora when it came out. Lot of stuff I didn’t like that I used up my “skips” within minutes; Pandora was going to “make” me listen for an hour before I could skip again, so I shut them off. Apple Music is currently free, so I am using it a little. Beats 1 isn’t really my thing but I do like being able to play anything I want. When free is over, I either pay for Apple Music or go back to paying for nothing. Either way, Spotify won’t make money. I don’t hate Spotify; I’m just not going to invest time learning another system.

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