Teardown of Apple’s new iPod touch reveals double the RAM as previous model

“Apple has literally been calling their iPod Touch 6th Generation ‘the best iPod touch yet,'” iFixit reports. “While they are giving their music box some of the iPhone’s newest duds, only [a] teardown will tell if this iPod is up to repairability snuff.”

“This Touch totes a 3.83 V, 3.99 Wh battery with a rating of 1043 mAh, as opposed to the 3.7 V, 3.8 Wh, 1030 mAh rated battery found in the 5th Generation Touch,” iFixit reports. “This logic board is packing: Apple A8 APL1011 SoC + SK Hynix RAM H9CKNNN8KTMRWR-NTH 1 GB LPDDR3 RAM (Same as iPhone 6, but underclocked to 1.10 GHz per core); NXP Semiconductors LPC18B1UK ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller (better known as the M8 Motion Coprocessor).”

So, 1GB RAM which is double that of the iPod touch (5th gen.)’s 512MB.

iFixit's iPod touch (6th gen.) teardown
iFixit’s iPod touch (6th gen.) teardown

Much more info and many more photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s interesting, yet understandable given the price of the touch, that its 8 MP camera (which matches the 8MP iPhone 6 camera) lacks some of the iPhone 6’s finer features such as the sapphire crystal lens cover and auto image stabilization. The iPod touch’s ƒ/2.4 aperture also falls short of the 6’s ƒ/2.2.

Apple unveils all-new iPod touch with 64-bit Apple A8 chip, M8 motion coprocessor, 8MP camera, and Apple Music – July 15, 2015


  1. Liking my new 128G Red 6th generation iPod Touch a lot. But it’s use is going to be prioritized mostly for… music. I hadn’t realized since my music library was on a much older Mac that Apple had gotten rid of Cover Flow in iTunes which truly sucks.

    Like getting rid of perfectly useful file flag color that’s easy to see in a folder and organize with and having it be a dot now instead you can barely see. Apple does brilliant and sometime dumb things all in the pursuit of change that sometimes just isn’t needed.

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