Star Wars app for iOS is a must-have for fans

Star Wars has been around for such a long time, you’d think that there would have been an official Star Wars app years ago,” Jim Lynch reports for CIO. “But that hasn’t been the case. Fortunately, an official app has just been released for the Star Wars saga and I don’t think that fans of the Star Wars universe will be disappointed at all.”

“I downloaded the official Star Wars app this morning to check it out. The app comes with quite a bit of content including an official news feed, videos, GIFs, sound board, a Force Trainer, and you can even take selfies with it,” Lynch reports. “If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’ll definitely want to check out the news feed in the Star Wars app. There are featured stories at the top, along with tons of other tidbits listed below the main stories.”

Lynch reports, “All in all, I think the Star Wars app is a must have for fans of the films. It offers tons of Star Wars news, video and audio content, and silly fun all bundled into one app. No, it’s not a game in a traditional sense, but it will amuse and inform dedicated Star Wars fans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We await Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a new hope!


  1. Soon enough every app download would have been an everyday-browser internet site pre-fondleslab.

    I can’t be bothered to see if it’s free, costs money or is free with in-app purchases.

    Screw Star Wars and the Disney-Apple-ABC hegemony.

      1. The first movie was good, but the sequels and prequels are “this is shit but give us your money anyway, sheeple.”

        Then the first one was milked all over again. Pathetic.

  2. Can’t help but recall going to the original Star Wars premier.

    I was 13 years old (yeah that makes me old) and won tickets to the premier on a radio call in contest. I had no idea what I had won or what this show was even about.
    All I can say was at the time I was just in awe. I just sat their speechless and kept thinking to my self, “when did we go to space – how did they film this in space”.
    I tried to go again about a week later but the lines were so long that if you didn’t get there 3 hours earlier you would never get in. It took about a month before I was able to see it again. I think I went and saw it at least 5 times after that.

    For you younger folks, I’m sure you see the first the original and now think the special effects are not that great but back then it was simply amazing.

    Like every episode since……… I can’t wait.

    1. I remember the first time I saw the original in a theater also. Just had a fight with my girlfriend about spending to much time learning morse code. Left in a huff and went to the theater on a whim. Line was down the street and around the corner. Never seen anything like that before.

      From the first explosion of sound I was astonished. It was so good. Yeah. Good times. Don’t remember the girl’s name, but I remember that experience.

      1. – …. . .-.. — -. .. — ..- … / — .- -.-. .—-. … / .. -. … .. –. …. – ..-. ..- .-.. / .- -. -.. / -.-. — ..- .-. – . — ..- … / -.-. — — — . -. – .- .-. -.– / — .- -.- . … / — -.. -. / .- / -.. .- .. .-.. -.– / .-. . .- -.. .-.-.- / -.- . . .–. / -.- .. -.-. -.- .. -. –. / .- … …

      2. Saw it with my girlfriend a couple of days after it opened. We were so blown away that we stayed and watched it another time.
        I am not a Star Wars nut by any means, but people who were not around then cannot know the difference between this film and nearly everything that had come before it. The only thing to compare it to in terms of sci-fi visuals up to that time was 1968’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. There were no Star Trek films. All other sci-fi films other than 2001 were cheap junk.
        Having been a kid when the Beatles first appeared, that is the closest thing to which I can compare the appearance of Star Wars. In fact, it was overkill. For the first five years after SWANH every marching band in the US were playing the theme.

    2. I’ve worked with J.J. Abrams on his shows ALIAS and the pilot for LOST and I am amazed how he was able to be involved with not one but two of the biggest space franchises.

      J.J. though must be in his element now being more of a STAR WARS fan. I hope the film turns out well, especially since it’s creator seemed to be doing his best to damage it after the first trilogy.

      1. While I enjoy much of what JJ does, he sucks at StarTrek.

        Suddenly inventing a transporter that renders starships useless, by beaming someone half way across the universe. Hogwash.

        I enjoy the story he’s telling with StarTrek, but it’s not StarTrek.

        Season 5 of Lost, hogwash.

        1. I would agree J.J. is overrated and in general agree with your Star Trek assessments as Abrams being overreaching and ridiculous. Such little things as redesigning the phaser – I’ve seen the original redesign up close that he rejected and it was fabulous, updated but still looked like the iconic phaser from the 60’s show. The little details are important to fans.

          I’m afraid STAR TREK was a mere stepping stone to his true granted desire in doing STAR WARS. Though I’ve worked on his TV shows I never saw them so can’t comment but have heard similar grumblings. Can’t say I have enjoyed his Star Trek outings as he succumbed to the “Lex Luthor Syndrome” (that the Superman series keeps barfingly coming back to as it’s villain ignoring what else is available in that mythos) in returning once again to the Khan well. There is such a thing as taking too many liberties to the detriment of a franchise.

          1. Agreed that JJ’s Star Treks were horrible. No one should come in and destroy 40 years of canon like that. He had no respect for the fans.

            Also like you said, he’s a big Star Wars fan, though, so I hope he treats the material (and the fans) with the respect they deserve. It looks like he will.

        2. Blame the idiotic writers for the retarded story elements of JJ’s trek. Orci & Lindeloff etc.. Specially the latest Khan rip off travesty.
          As a director he knocked trek 2009 out of the park, particularly with respect to the energy, vibe and character direction in the film. It wasn’t great Trek and there never will be until it returns to TV, but I had a blast with that movie and I’m a 46 year old Trek fan. And even though lines like Spock’s “suddenly the supernova unexpectedly destroyed Romulus” make me cringe, it was good fun.

  3. This may be worthy of a gentle probing. Which one of you was obsessed with learning Morse code?

    “So when you’re near me, darling can’t you hear me? SOS. The love you gave me, nothing else can save me. SOS.”

    But I digress….

  4. I was 12 years old in 1977 and remember every detail of the day I saw the first movie. It created a life-long love of film.

    But we have to admit that the prequels were shit. Star Wars has been gently taken from George Lucas like the car keys from an aging parent.

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