Apple’s next-gen iPod touch likely to sport 64-bit A-series processor

“Apple is expected to launch an updated iPod touch next week, a refresh that is likely to bring new colors and updated internals that reportedly include a move to a more recent 64-bit A-series application processor,” AppleInsider reports.

“There is no word on which specific processor Apple will choose, notes French website iGen, but it is expected to be a 64-bit variant,” AppleInsider reports. “The iPhone 5s’s A7 would seem a likely choice, which might also mean the inclusion of the M7 motion co-processor.”

AppleInsider reports, “The iPod touch currently uses the 32-bit A5.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Might as well slap an A8 in there as, given the pace of iPod updates lately, it may be a long time before the next update.

Apple to announce new iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle within days – report – July 10, 2015


  1. There needs to be a new “C” iPhone too. The new iPod touch and iPhone 6C should be based on the same design, like the WiFi+cellular and WiFi-only iPads are based on the same design. Following precedence for iPhone 5C, iPhone 6C (and this new iPod touch) will be based on the current iPhone 6’s technical design.

    Therefore, I hope that means A8, 4.7-inch screen, colorful casing. The current A5 model continues on for one more year as the low-end choice, starting at $199. The new model (at various storage configs) starts at a higher price.

    1. okay… perhaps kenw1,

      I would imagine that many people out there would love an iPad that could do real phone calls.

      Sure Apple dislikes the idea of converging products, despises the idea of a Phablet and yet says it listens to its customers. Apple please make bigger screens… no no — okay here iPhone 6 plus. And finally it has been a success. So much that Samsung is hurting badly.

      Hate to say, but most of us know the old joke that the iPad was just a big iPhone. Well sort of… Apple purposely crippled it, removing the phone components and configuring special softwares towards it.

      I think Apple would do far better simplifying the line.
      As Steve Jobs did on his return to Apple with his four product sector.

      Apple could offer, Big, medium and small phones.
      Then remove the phone capabilities and offer what we have been sold as tablets.

      Now to reduce or offer cost effective product line, sell the fibreglass casing option too – in all the colours.

      And to further reduce the price offer last years processors.

      Makes sense to me.

        1. Yes MajicJack and Viber both offer VOIP calling (+video) when installed on an iPad – I am well aware of this. If you are truly happy with software phones – no need for a real iPhone for you right.

          And that does not clearly explain or truly solve why Apple chooses to built… two products so very similar yet – try to market them as completely different.

  2. Sure would be the right choice to put a A8 and M8 in… however Apple won’t — they are fragmenting upgrades and keeping prices lower so profits are higher.

    Now slam me for that… but I don’t care.

    I just wish Apple would cover the entire line of iDevices with equal processors. Making things fair to customers to compare the products. Pricing on such a large range of product gets rather silly.

    Sample scenario, lets say, I want the new iTouch (ugh iPod Touch – me bad lazy boy so sully) with 64 Gigs… damn but that puts me in the 32 Gb iPad mini price range… better get the iPad mini then. Things are too tight and closely set.

    If Apple merely did a simplified product range of…

    BIG, MEDIUM, and SMALL iPhone
    – offer 32, 64 and 128
    – offer also without telephone capabilities WIFI only
    (so they are no longer phones)
    – all at the same processor level – the latest one
    – then price savings option if Apple needs by offering last years processor

    Then the customers would see things very clearly.
    Apple TV also should have the latest processor also.

    All this talk about Apples competitors (not that their is much) that its so fragmented – Is Apple not doing the same?
    I for one (and you do not need to agree with me) and my opinion isn’t Anti-Apple – its just a though… yet I feel Apple could do better. I am open for opinions… but not foolish ignorant rants that I am being a troll.

    Offer still open Derek

    1. When the current A5 iPod touch was released (back in 2012), the concurrently released new iPhone was A6 (iPhone 5). The next new iPhone will likely be A9. Therefore, why wouldn’t the new iPod touch be A8 (one back from the latest).

      > Pricing on such a large range of product gets rather silly.

      Large range? Apple has a relatively small range of products and models, compared to the competition. An much easier to understand. 🙂

      Pricing is an issue only at the “starting” price (the low-end config for each product line). Apple keeps previous models in the lineup, so the lowest price iPod touch will still be $199. The lowest price “mini” size iPad is $299. The lowest price “regular” size iPad is $399. It’s pretty clear and simple, especially for the novices who are new to Apple. iPhone is a different discussion, because of the subsidy (and contract).

      > Apple TV also should have the latest processor also.

      Why? It’s only streaming HD video. The current single-core version of the A5 can do that fine. And now that the price is $69, it needs to stay $69. I can see an updated one with a better remote control for $99; maybe that one will have a single-core A7 to get all iOS-based devices to 64-bit (and stop producing the old A5).

      1. I think I made myself clear enough.
        Simply… the entire line of products should be updated.
        There is no reason for letting products slip behind.
        And yes, pricing is the issue, exactly my point.
        Price points are far too tight and closely marked.

        I own three Apple TV units. Its a clean superior device – yet it needs to be updated. Why… Apple tells us MacroSloth was a lazy company sitting on products and letting them basically rot. Lets hope Apple doesn’t do that.

        With regards to Apple TV, other competition has caught up and surpassed Apples offerings. Yes the current device streams yet the competitors also can do that… most smart tvs come with that functionality too. Even a junky RCA Streaming media box the DBA936 can browse the net, add apps, play games, play content on a USB or SD card – available at Canadian tire for 25 bucks.

        I agree the Apple TV probably does not require a A8 and would put the cost up high… BUT PEOPLE… Apple is KNOW for expensive devices, quality built, the top of the line, cutting edge etc. etc. Unfortunately not in every arena Huh. Well that is not the Apple I grew up with.

  3. I’m somewhat surprised that Apple even thinks there’s a demand for a new iPod Touch. Between iPhones and iPads, I would think there’s little room left to sell iPod Touch models. I can easily fit my entire music library on a 128GB iPod Touch but I have my 160GB Classic for that. I honestly can’t think of a reason for me to buy an iPod Touch unless I hook it up to my HDTV for games. But when Apple comes out with their new AppleTV, I’d prefer to use that for gaming. I’m totally confounded about the iPod’s place in Apple’s product line-up. From my perspective, it seems like a product that’s no longer relevant. I can see the point of an iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano both still being useful.

    1. iPod touch is many things. iPod touch is iPhone without the phone parts and long-term monthly commitment. iPod touch is the least expensive way to get into the iOS universe. iPod touch is what you get for your young kid(s), when you don’t want them asking to play with your expensive iPhone all the time. iPod touch is “iPad nano.”

      If you have the latest iPhone, perhaps iPod touch is irrelevant (for you). But for those who do not want an iPhone (or the latest iPhone) because of the high overall cost of ownership, having iPod touch as a choice is great.

      1. Indeed, I have found after having a few iPhones that I have no need for the phone. I picked up the last iPod touch and am entirely satisfied. My wife needs her iPhone 6 to keep in touch with her business, but I just don’t have a need for it. I don’t think I’d be looking at a new iPod because the old one still works fine. Maybe a software “upgrade” will change my mind, tho…

      2. Right on! It’s all about the iOS ecosystem. We own two ‘Touches, a 3rd & 5th generation, both 64 GB. Interestingly, we almost never use them as music players. I would guess that most owners use them more like an iPad Micro. We use them as timers, alarm clocks calculators, shopping lists, web browsers, dictation and note taking devices, and so much more. . .pretty much like an iPhone without the phone. I even run AudioTools for Pro-level RTA and SPL readings.
        Lots of companies use them as mobile POS terminals (including Apple).
        Being that the battery is getting a little tired in our 3rd gen, we will likely opt to replace it. with the new iPod Touch, rather than spend a lot of bucks getting the battery replaced on a dead-ended device.
        I would love to see a new iPod Touch based on the iPhone 6, with its slightly bigger screen. My biggest wish is for an option for cellular data capability, which would also include GPS. This would put a world of hurt on Garmin and other handheld GPS device makers. Apple would probably never juice-up the iPod Touch to this extent, because it would probably cannibalize too many iPhone and iPad sales.

        1. man – you use those devices as timers — your iPhone has all that already? But if you have all these devices and no other purpose for them and can not donate them or sell them I guess putting them to some use is great!!!!

      3. You can buy any iPhone from Apple and decide not to have any month term. Better you can choose what carrier you wish to use – and there are carriers here in Canada with no commitment. Pay on a monthly basic and if not satisfied try another.

        Yes iPod Touch is a nice device. Apple please add a data Sim to it. Then it can be used with MajicJack. Otherwise Kill the product and let the iPad Mini take its place.

    2. I agree.

      Why buy a device that is basically the same – loaded with tonnes of memory – and play on a tiny screen — all for a price that enters that of a iPad mini.

      As far as products being useful… I must say all are. Fortunately the quality of Apple really does out last the life of most products… and to just want to listen to music – well its nice to have.

      Apple is expressing that it is not killing off its products. With new services like streaming music – new functionality may come to a tiny portable Mp3 player. Yet if this update is already on my old hand down iPhone 4s – my daughter does not need to even think of buying the new player.

      Apple says it wishes to simplify our lives. Yet with such product range and complication of levels and options – this idea that I need to have an Apple Watch and iPod and iPad and iPhone and my Macbook Po with me all day, where ever I go is absolutely silly.

    1. whats wrong — well nothing – but how about a 256 Gb iPod Touch with data sim slot and expandable microSD added too… whats so wrong with those additions?

  4. I don’t see future for the iPod family.
    If you have iPhone, you don’t need a touch.
    If like sports, use a watch not a shuffle.
    who buys a nano?
    see in the Apple site… no longer a ‘category’, there’s Music page… that’s the next ‘big thing’.

  5. And on that new “next big thing” Apple Music page, iPod is prominently displayed.

    You statement is full of “ifs.” If you choose not to buy the latest iPhone (or choose to use an older model) for any number of valid reasons, iPod touch is a good choice to get into and stay up-to-date in the iOS world. If you don’t want to spend more $349 or more for an Apple Watch right now (or don’t have a compatible iPhone model), but want a reliable music-playing device that tracks your run (quite accurately), iPod nano is a good choice.

    FYI, on Apple Store’s “special deals” page under iPod right now. The current gen silver/black A5 iPod touch 16GB for $149 (this is the version without back camera). The current gen iPod nano 16GB for $99.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next… 🙂 If the new iPod nano is just new colors, I’m buying one of those $99 specials.

    1. Sorry… meant as reply to “Apple is Always Right” (above)

      (Does the MDN web page have a “bug” where replying to the currently last comment does NOT always appear as a reply? Seems to happen to me on occasion.)

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