Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Duke University’s Board of Trustees

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined six others in becoming members of Duke University’s Board of Trustees,” Mason Levinson reports for Bloomberg. “ValueAct Capital Management LLC CEO Jeff Ubben, Coca-Cola Foundation Chairwoman Lisa Borders and PRM Advisors LLC founder Patricia Morton also began six-year terms as trustees at the Durham, North Carolina, school on July 1, Duke said in a news release.”

“Jack Boyd, president-elect of the school’s alumni association; recent graduate Anna Knight and JD/MBA candidate Ben Shellhorn were named observing members of the 37-person board,” Levinson reports. “Cook, Apple’s CEO since 2011, holds an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Auburn University.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to Tim!*

*the only thing is that Duke sucks – GO ‘CUSE!


  1. Hope springs eternal. Maybe this is his first step to removing himself altogether from Apple Inc. and taking over at Duke. Apple desperately needs new leadership.

    I’m not a troll. I’m a faithful customer of the great company and an AAPL owner. My products and my investment are all well below the level of performance and quality they ought to be. Tim Cook has had his chance to lead and has failed. It’s way past time for a change. I do not know who should replace him but I do know there’s someone in the world of tech who bring our company back to the level of innovation, performance, and growth we once enjoyed.

    If you are looking for proof, just log onto the last WWDC and wonder – what the hell?

    1. Well looks who’s back Jay Jay Jay, the famous quote.

      For the record of course, from Sept 21 2014:

      “You will be pleased to know that I’m about done with saying what I say on this board – it’s clearly been therapy for me and I’m very close to not needing it any more – I’ve reached the realm of apathy.”

      Jay Morrison

      You know a good leader sticks to the plan. You are back, not sticking to the plan, you are horrible leader so don’t go on with you pititful whine “Apple desperately needs new leadership, i’m not a troll and WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Iraq has weapons of mass destructions and WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA we had to torture some folks and WHHHHHHHHHAAAAA the apple watch is clunky” and expect people to take you seriously.

      Of course proof won’t shut you up, so go ahead and whine you cry baby.

      And you are right, you aren’t a troll. Trolls have the dignity to leave when they say they are going to leave.

      1. Well, Road … while I whine, you keep on blindly defending the indefensible. Who’s the one that folks with any sense of objectivity (very few around the MDN world) will take seriously?

        And, the watch is clunky – I’ve tried them on and they are as clunky as they look. Here’s proof – I’ll wager that the new, updated and revised version, when introduced, will feature, as it’s most exciting feature, a thinner profile with a better fit and feel. We will be told it’s available in a couple of months and you can set up your overnight space in line to be among the first to get the new, thinner, lighter, and more comfortable and amazing watch ever imagined. Then about a year later, such declaration will be repeated. It’s clunky and the team at Cupertino is working overtime to make it less clunky.

        1. I don’t recall in my post defending anyone, in fact I did not even congratulate Apple’s Tim Cook for joining Duke’s University board of trusties.

          Please, save your redirects for someone who isn’t up to your tricks. You can take your wagers, predictions and shove them where the sun don’t shine for all it matters.

          You said you’d leave and that the watch is clunky. You returning here attacking again. It demonstrates a lack of objectivity and as such no one will take you seriously, save for some poor naive fools.

          So whine on, doesn’t matter what I will do, you are a one dimensional poster.
          Whine whine whine.

          The watch may be clunky but you are think and I doubt anyone would want to try you on.

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