iTunes 12.2 is mangling network-shared libraries

“Over the period of time since iTunes 12.2 was released, MacNN has been receiving spotty reports of iTunes library corruptions,” MacNN reports.

“We’ve begun preliminary testing on the root cause, and a final determination or possible workaround is some time away — however, we do have solid data pointing to iTunes corrupting libraries hosted over an OS X network share periodically,” MacNN reports. “More problematically, iTunes libraries accessed over an SMB share from either a Windows-based computer or network attached storage (NAS) device are frequently damaged by some iTunes process.”

MacNN reports, “At this time, MacNN does not recommend storing iTunes libraries in any other location than on a local drive — internal or external doesn’t seem to matter, as long as the content is stored on the same machine as the iTunes application that uses the files as its library.”

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How to fix corrupted iTunes libraries after enabling Apple Music – July 2, 2015


  1. If the world’s most profitable tech company cannot make a reliable IMAP email program, why should we expect it to make…
    a reliable music synch
    a reliable photo app
    dependable wifi connections
    accurate route guidance
    a usable app store
    a sapphire screen?

    1. Some of those things are not directly comparable (like sapphire screen). Do you know of any tech company that does make a sapphire screen? There may be one, but I’ve never heard of one.

      No problems with IMAP over here.

      Did you ever think you were spending too much time making mountains out of molehills?

  2. As each iteration of iTunes comes out, it is only getting worse. I hate the new Music app on my phone. It makes it harder to play just downloaded on the device music. Come on Apple, get it together. Maybe Apple should really take the suggestions out there and bust-up iTunes up into more multiple programs.

    1. I am disgusted at this point with the latest iTunes update!
      Last Saturday, my whole iTunes library vanished and iTunes had updated itself to this latest version.
      I noticed the iTunes logo go from red to multi color and when i opened it, there was one single U2 free download (crap) album and that’s it!!!
      On top of this, after contacting applecare, we did a complete system restore and tried to get back to the version before this along with my missing “kidnapped” library.
      It took 24 hours but was successful. The restore at any rate.
      My library was back and i had the version of iTunes that was before this, that is, for seconds, until i saw the red iTunes logo change color right before my eyes
      and switch back to this horrible version (multicoloured band around logo)!!!
      At least I got my music back right?, but then when i tried to play anything or give any command like pause, or anything, it would take
      40 seconds between commands and I’d get the wheel of death!
      This version has rendered my library useless!
      If they don’t fix it, it will remain useless and I’m sure that this will be the case for loads of us.
      So, my library was kidnapped and vanished.
      When i got it back, it wasn’t even usable and the ghost in the machine took all the patience and hard work of a restore,
      and traded it in for the updated crap version of iTunes that i din’t want, regardless of the fact that I had nothing to do with this!!!
      I am so damn fed up with iTunes and it seems like it was good way back at iTunes 8 but has gotten worse and worse as time went on (particularly after Steve Jobs died).
      At least I could still use the versions of iTunes after iTunes 8, but not now though!
      It’s a complete and utter disgrace!!!
      apple… are you there???
      PLEASE FIX itunes !!!!!!!!!

  3. I am having iTunes HELL because I know iTunes 12.2 destroys my library and now find that after recovering to a backup from Time Machine, the system is automatically updating my iTunes from 12.1.2 to 12.2 WITHOUT MY PERMISSION BEHIND MY BACK. I am beside myself with anger that this can happen without me manually entering my password.😡😱😩

    1. I was unaware of the App Store System Preference that was set to auto update everything. Duh. Had to use Time Machine backup AGAIN to get back my 12.1.2 iTunes and then turn OFF all that automatic updating apps crap.😡

      1. Another cause of unintended upgrades is the way Apple presents the iTunes upgrade. In the App store upgrade screen it shows the OS X logo and the words “Software Update” and in little tiny letters it says “iTunes 12.2, OS X update 10.10.4”. So it would be very easy for a person to think they were performing an OS X update and then receive the iTunes update by accident. I think this is very misleading. Other apps are broken out and appear as their own update.

        1. If you click on the small more… It does break down the updates into pieces but your point is well taken because many people won’t know to do that and not realize a bunch of individual update buttons are nested within the macro button they see to begin with.

  4. Overtime, Apple lets loose a poor, not-ready-for-prime-time version of iTunes that wrecks and ruins the user experience. That is the case with iTunes It’s a mess.

    My favorite bug in 12.2.blah: I can’t play music on Beats 1 for more than 30 minutes without iTunes KILLING my entire MBP 2013’s audio dead. I can watch the tunes playing! My little volume meter is flying! But NO AUDIO on my entire MBP. Gone. – – If I then stop iTunes, my MBP’s audio again works. I play iTunes again? DEAD AUDIO. – – The workaround: Quit iTunes. – – If you reboot iTunes, you start the 30 minute clock all over again. What a POS.

    FIX IT APPLE. This is terrible publicity. This version should have NEVER been released.

    1. I have a similar problem with playing beats1 in my BMW. I can listen to it for 2-3 minutes and then the sound goes dead and/or it switches over to music on my iPhone. When I manually go back to beats1 I can see the sound meter going but, no sound output. Oddly, if I’m listening to an Apple Music radio station I created this does not occur and I can listen indefinitely. Weird.

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