Finding clues to the next Apple TV in iOS 9

“Something is coming, and there are clues in the upcoming iOS 9, just as iOS 8 offered clues about the Apple Watch,” Josh Centers reports for TidBITS.

“HomeKit, iOS 8’s long-delayed home automation framework, uses the Apple TV as a gateway device,” Centers reports. “I think HomeKit is a clue about bigger things to come for Apple TV.”

“Imagine Siri Suggestions on the Apple TV. Bring up Search, and it might recommend recently watched shows and movies, suggested shows and movies, and maybe even suggested music, if you subscribe to Apple Music,” Centers reports. “Siri Suggestions on the Apple TV could even have its own news section, with video links to the day’s top stories.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Maybe finally, this autumn, Apple’s Apple TV plans will finally be revealed!

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