How to fix corrupted iTunes libraries after enabling Apple Music

“Apple’s new Apple Music service offers new and exciting ways to get streaming music on your Mac and iOS devices; however, after enabling it a number of people are finding their music libraries becoming corrupted,” Topher Kessler reports for MacIssues.

“While songs will still play, their titles, artist names and other metadata information have become switched around and are no longer associated with the proper song files,” Kessler reports. “In some cases, the problem has affected thousands of songs, undoing extensive work users have put into organizing their libraries.”

Kessler reports, “There is no apparent reason for why this is occurring, but if it has happened to you, then there are a few things you can do to restore your library.”

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    1. I had to use Time Machine to revert to iTunes 12.1.2 and recover my iTunes Library and Playlists. All had disappeared when I installed iTunes 12.2 after turning ON iCloud Music Library on my 8.4 iPad Air 2. It took 6 hours and was very scary.😁

        1. No, sir, no it wasn’t. Neither iTunes nor any other Apple application is ever installed without the admin password and the user downloading it from the Mac App Store. Either someone else in your household did it, or you did it and didn’t understand what you were doing — which, judging by your posts here, I’m very inclined to believe.

    1. You’re kidding right? Instead of saying “Apple should get their act together and deliver perfect products since day one.” your comment is to settle and expect garbage so.wait for an updated release? You waited years for this poor excuse of a music streaming service from the ‘best’ tech company in the world. Don’t you deserve better?

  1. On my iMac 27″ iTunes would freeze up and I would have to Force Quit it. Restart it, or the computer, or basic maintenance like cleaning out plug-ins didn’t help, kept doing it. I finally started it, left it alone all night (rather than try to use it which would trigger the issue) and I thought it was fine until just now; it did it again.

    On my MacBook Pro 13″ I was using the Mini Player enabled to stay on top and after it went to sleep, I couldn’t access any other app except iTunes. Not even the title bar to force quit it. Thank you Power button

    Oddly my 2010 Mini doesn’t seem to offer some functions I don’t use (the Mini has a separate hi-rez library that I don’t Match) but a friend of mine who also has a 2010 Mini asked for advice when I noticed mine…Bummer.

    How ’bout that new icon though…right?

    1. I forgot about the most annoying issue—

      My iMac library is all on the hard drive, nothing that isn’t downloaded, yet almost every album shows one or two songs that are in the cloud….right next to the same song already in my library.

      So fun going through hundreds of albums deleting these…..(until iTunes locks up!).

  2. Microsoft-ian in deed! No company is invincible… not even Apple. Come on MDN post an open letter to Tim Cook and tell him to get his act together.

    – Botched thin edged iMacs, Mac Pro and Apple Watch Roll Out
    – Hiring John Browett
    – Botched Apple Music Pricing and now this iTunes Library Corruption Fiasco
    – Maps
    – iOS 8.0.1 (and I’m being nice here since iOS has been bug central for a long time)
    – Connectivity issues with OS X
    – Laughable WWDC 2015 keynote
    – Delayed Apple Campus
    – Failing to evolve retail
    – Buying Beats for $3.2 Billion while allowing drunk rappers to publicly humiliate Apple
    – Could say a couple of things of the Apple Watch like buggy OS, weight, chubby chassis, poor water resistance, AppLackTM (remember that one?!), etc.

    The list goes on and on and on and on…

    1. – Forfeiting the server market to Microsoft
      – Adopting SMB as the native file sharing protocol
      – Abandoning Aperture and the photographers that relied on it
      – Soldered on the board RAM
      – Proprietary hard drives that can’t be accessed anyway

  3. I’ve had iTunes corrupt my library twice now, to the extent that apps were being shown in the Music category labelled with Song Metadata, folders were being linked as songs (and thus not playing), TV Shows were being shown as Music, and the files themselves were completely borked. Since I had no idea when it actually happened because it wasn’t all my tracks I couldn’t even restore from a backup. Since my library is so large I only have one backup and rely on iTunes Match and all my movies being on DVD in the event of a total loss. At some point I may invest in a more robust backup, but it’s getting to the point where I need a server room or something.

  4. My library was migrated from SoundJam (that Apple bought and made into iTunes).

    Never had an issue. Very impressed with Apple Music, the recommendations are spot on, some
    amazing playlists have been suggested to me!

    I had turned off Auto Renew, but after a few days I’m seriously considering becoming a subscriber.

  5. Everything Apple does now breaks something else. Sad, very sad. They are becoming just like Microcrap. Just returned $1,200 worth of Apple Watch and accessories. Absolutely horrible product. Battery life terrible, delete same email 20 times and it doesn’t go away. When they finally disappear they don’t sync and phone, laptop still have the mail. Utter junk. I will say, live the Macbook I also bought. Great product when it’s used for its intent.

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