Apple Watch 2 to look the same, but with bigger battery

“It looks like Apple won’t jump onto the ’round smartwatch display’ bandwagon anytime soon, like essentially all the other important players in the market,” Vlad Andrici reports for G for Games.

MacDailyNews Take: Because round display are all wrong for a wrist-based computer. Too may lists. Too little space to waste. As actual Apple Watch users can tell you, square is obviously the better shape. So, no, Apple isn’t going to sacrifice usability in order o jump on some wrongheaded bandwagon.

“According to the source, besides LG (which produced the display for the current Apple Watch), Samsung will also provide P-OLED panels for Apple’s second smartwatch, unlike what we heard not long ago,” Andrici reports. “Reportedly, the display of the next gen Apple Watch will be identical in terms of screen size and resolution to those of its predecessor.”

Andrici reports, “However, it looks like the display will be thinner in order to allow for a larger battery. As battery life was one of the main points of controversy regarding Apple’s first smartwatch, you’ll probably agree that it will be a more than welcomed improvement.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We pound our Apple Watches all day long and have never put one to bed with less than 25% charge remaining The battery is a non-issue.

This report is biased in favor of incorrectly-shaped Apple Watch roadkill and leans heavily on concocted negatives that actual owners of Apple Watches understand are false.

Apple Watch increases iPhone battery life significantly; likely to affect future iPhone purchasing decisions – May 22, 2015

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


    1. Same here…no regrets that I’m “Missing Something Big”.

      And given also how my now two year old iPhone 5 has occasional days where at the 12-16 hour point that it is down from 100% to <20% … and how also a ten minute FaceTime on a cellular connection ate the phone from 45% to 37% … I'm more inclined to think about carrying around the bulk of a second iPhone battery than to be impressed that the newer iPhone has been made 0.01 mm thinner.

      If thinness were really such a profound differentiator, no one would buy a phone case.


  1. I’ve only once put my watch down to charge below 25% as well. Typically, it’s in the 40% range even after a few quick phone calls and regular usage.

  2. I bet. Too much of an improvement will kill the entire product line. Again who the hell is going to shell out $400 a year for a watch? Apple will become the De Beers of smart watches…that until they have to hold back so much that someone just leap frogs them. Then both Apple and that competitor die.

    1. I don’t understand your reasoning… I’ve several, well actually a bit more than several watches, and everyone of them, with the exception of the Apple Watch costs considerably more than $400. I didn’t buy them based on some imaginary annual commitment, and I see no reason to change that just because Apple, or Tag, or Omega, Citizen, Bulova, releases new products yearly or whenever. When I’m ready to purchase another watch for whatever reason I CHOOSE, then I’ll do so. If Apple releases a new watch compelling enough for a new purchase… ok, I’ll bite, but as it stands I’m quite happy with my current AW and they’ll have to travel some distance to be so compelling.

    2. So “too much of an improvement will kill the entire [Apple Watch] product line but, if Apple holds back, someone else will leapfrog them and “both Apple and that competitor die.”

      Sounds like you have concocted a no-win situation. Fortunately, Apple does not care about your irrational speculation. Apple will continue to evolve and improve the Apple Watch, just like the rest of its products. If Apple continues to excel at its work, then it will continue to be financially successful.

  3. AppleWatch 1 does not have a battery life issue!
    None.. I use it constantly.. Including 2 hour exercise with full heartbeat monitoring on…
    I go to sleep with 40% charge left every night …

    1. Too bad G for Games doesn’t make Andrici give back some of his pay for not doing his homework.
      Or are they just playing “Games” with their readers?

  4. I do not have a problem with my AW battery either. However, I would not mind my screen staying on a bit longer than it does now. A larger battery may also enable new processes to work better – maybe. Maybe the screen could default to a simpler always-on watch face. I would like that.

  5. WARNING: Watch OS2 is a BPOS!!. I loved my watch..past tense. I updated the watch to os2 beta against better judgement. Beta vs 2 KILLED the battery. F’ing KILLED it. The battery at 9AM was 100% at NOON 38%. 2PM in power save mode. 4PM DONE!!!. Reset, relinked, reloaded, unloaded. installed uninstalled., NO MATTER WTF I do. The watch is now little more than a paperweight. I even upgraded from the sport to the SS because I liked it so much. I guess I am F’d by  until the next beta. This is the WORST F’UP by  ever. No wonder their stock is tanking. Been loyal since almost day 1. This smells awfully lot like Microsoft of the 90s. They need to get their Shite together and stop all the playing around. MF’s need to get to work. This is such utter BS and I am so pissed at  I am literally screaming expletives to the Apple gods. Fix OS2 battery issue or that is the end of the line. I have been an Apple evangelist for quite awhile. That just ended. Someone needs to get a little of SJ attitude back or trouble lies ahead for these F’ups!!!!!!

    1. You probably have a battery-hungry third-party app like Dark Sky or something in constant communication with your phone and it’s draining the battery. Uninstall your 3rd party apps from the watch and see if that helps.

      It could also be that Bluetooth is turned off on your iPhone so the watch is having to use wifi, which drains the battery faster.

    2. It’s a ‘Beta’, it’s in development!!!!!

      Are you an idiot? Why install a beta unless your a coder?

      Why are you surprised that it’s not ‘perfect’.

      Your rant is pointless – IF there is a battery drain in WatchOS 2 then Apple will have it sorted for public release.

      1. I understand BETA Petey. Not surprised its not “perfect.” WatchOS2 needs a lot of work. Just saying, Be happy with the current public version and wait. A word of caution is all. So I get upset, BFD!! If you like to down vote over a warning then fine. Vote me down, go install watch os2 and find out for yourself how awesome it is. Did I hurt your feelings with my comments? There are few Apple homies bigger than myself and I always have used their most current software, Alpha,Beta Public whatever.

    3. Now go back to your cave and relax and wait for the public release of the software – which will work.

      And if you’ve given up on Apple because you installed incomplete software – well that’s your problem.

      Give me all your Apple stuff and Go over to Android and good luck with that, you’ll be back using Apple’s solutions within 3 weeks.

    4. WARNING: m63r is a complete belligerent obnoxious imbecile!! Don’t EVER put a beta on a device anything but a test device that doesn’t matter. You have NOTHING to complain about, you hysterical idiot.

        1. Well it’s true, m63r. You can’t complain that a beta effed your watch up. Betas always screw up something. They are meant for testing devices. I understand your frustration, but you brought this on yourself. Don’t blame Apple. They clearly labeled it “BETA”.

    5. @m63r: Let’s be honest here, you have been F’d by your own efforts and not by Apple.

      I’m running Beta 2 and get the whole day out of it. It’s a little less than what I was getting a few weeks ago, but I still get all day. Not sure what you’re doing, but something isn’t right.

      I think a lot of people are going to like some of the things this new version is going to bring. That is, when it’s ready to be released, which it isn’t yet.

  6. It doesn’t have a battery issue now because it doesn’t do much and mostly uses Apple apps, not 3rd party stuff. But if people want to expand its use, the battery life may become an issue.

    1. Tapping the face gives me 18 seconds of watch face. I
      wish they had the on time adjustable. Imagine using a
      face like the timer function. Could set it to 5 seconds
      just to check the time and later,when I go to the bar to
      watch sports, set it to 3 hours. Why 3? So I could show
      off the Apple Watch which I love dearly. Would it be
      too much if I started calling it “My Precious”? :):):)

  7. Most people don’t understand the watch industry. Apple isn’t going to release Apple watch with new design every other year. They will mostly improve the internals keeping the design same for at least three years….that’s what they have always been doing with their other products too.

  8. After using my Apple Watch for 2 weeks now, what I’d like is a “Snap On” mode in addition to Wrist Detection. You activate the screen by snapping your wrist sharply into position.

    It’s the only thing that’s bugging me so far, the screen comes on when I reach up into the kitchen cupboards etc. other than that, an incredible device and I can’t wait for watchOS 2.

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