Apple Music off to an excellent start as positive opinions abound

“Apple has opened the door to a world of music and music discovery with a service that combines the best of streaming with the depth of existing music collections owned by the biggest digital music purchasers on the planet, iTunes users,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple says it hopes to measure success in engagement and it seems to be off to a strong start, according to social media sentiment analysis firm, TheySay,” Evans writes. “TheySay analyzed 84,845 Apple Music Tweets and found 76 percent of Twitter to be positive about Apple Music – not so bad for a digital music incumbent breaking into new territory.”

Evans writes, “In fact with 76 percent of the Twitterverse on side, I’m calling this an excellent start.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The other 24% either hate Apple irrationally or haven’t even tried Apple Music.


    1. Surprised that Apple didn’t put a “Just for U2” button… with all the U2 songs free for lifetime and beyond. I don’t like Spotfy at all, but it’s interesting “followers viewer”.

  1. One Wonders: Why must I turn on iCloud Music (Matching) so add an Music song to my existing iTunes Library?

    It seems turning on iCloud Music (Matching) is a bag of hurt.

  2. One day in and have only found myself frustrated with the UI in terms of the size of text when using the iPhone. Sucks getting old. However, there seems to be more artists available in the areas I am interested in (progressive rock, jazz and fusion) than the other streaming services I’ve tried (and quit), but I would have liked to have seen sub-genres for prog and fusion included when creating my profile, as well as curated playlists for these. That said, the artists in these genres are present in iTunes’ store library so I can go and listen regardless. So far, I’m digging it.

  3. I’ve just tried Apple Music for a short period, and I actually enjoyed a few songs on Beats 1 that I had not heard before. That’s saying something- I’m an old rocker from way back. I have 200 albums that I bought BEFORE Apple was even a Company. Hell, I have a few before INTEL was a company!

    From my perspective, a good launch. No other streaming service has induced me to spend any money…

  4. I like the “For You” area. I entered my interest in jazz and specific artists, and then it generated lots of excellently organized and displayed albums to listen to.

    This may convince me to drop my paid Spotify service.

  5. This is better than Spotify. It integrates nicely with my current library. With iTunes match on I have access to the worlds largest music store and can integrate into my library seamlessly. This is the killer app that separates it from Spotify in my opinion. It lets me mix my library into the Apple library without even noticing that it is happening. If the first day is any indication, Apple has something worth paying for. With the family plan, it is like $3/month per person. For newbies this is like having the keys to local music shop. Hard to find anything to complain about. Adding entire album from Apple music into my library is 1 click. 1 more click downloads the entire album to the current device you are using…mac, iPad etc.

  6. As someone who has never bothered with any streaming service before, i thought i’d give apple music a try.

    I’ve tried it out for a few hours and simply put it’s not for me.

    I wish apple good luck with this service, but i think i’ll stick to my itunes match subscription instead.

  7. It’s just not for me. I hate the look. The UI is muddled in my opinion. The recommendations for me are terrible, unless of course it’s recommending to me, things I already have, which is about half of them. It may be great for others, and I have no doubt many will love it, but it is a complete failure for my needs.

    The one area that might have been of interest, comedy, isn’t even available. Seemed like it would have been great for finding new comics of similar sensibilities.

    Until there are many changes, I’ll be passing on this one.

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