Apple Music might be the best thing for indie music labels

“The first song to be featured on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station was ‘City’ by Spring King, but many argued that it should have been a track off Taylor Swift’s 1989,” Chandra Steele writes for PC Magazine.

“After all, Swift used her voice in the industry to get Cupertino to pay artists during Apple Music’s 90-day free trial,” Steele writes. “The company’s about-face benefits all artists, but those signed to independent labels might be getting the best deal in terms of royalty rates and new fans.”

“An artist signed with a major label gets about 20 percent of the cut of a song from a streaming service,” Steele writes. “In contrast, most independent labels pay their artists 50 percent of streaming royalties, which is close to the 60 percent received by unsigned artists who submit songs themselves.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Music might be the rear thing that makes pretty much everybody happy – outside of other streaming music services, that is.

Apple to pay 0.2 cent per song during Apple Music free trial – June 25, 2015


  1. I’m a huge Apple guy and shareholder .. I have to say I am getting a headache (literally) trying to do things with Apple Music I used to do so effortlessly in Rhapsody. I feel like the UI is all over the place (Desktop). Am I the only one feeling this way? Hoping its just me 🙂

    1. For iTunes users, it’s not much a change from the last version of iTunes. And Apple got us ready for this by making the changes to the interface a version or two ago. The interface seems amazingly clear to me.

  2. If Apple will succeed with this service, AM will be the best thing for any kind of music labels.

    For example, reaching 50 million subscribers would generate $6 billion per year for Apple, $4.3 billion for music labels.

    75 million subscribers would generate $9 billion per year for Apple, $6.4 billion for music labels.

    100 million subscribers (though it might take a while) would generate $12 billion per year for Apple, $8.6 billion for music labels.

  3. No, its not you. Half the time I can’t figure out where I was and how to get back to there once I’ve left a certain screen. Its a horrible experience in iTunes on the Mac but only slightly better on the iPhone…

    I am just feeling like I can’t figure it out, its not very apple-centric on its flow or navigation. I just seem to use Siri mostly because any human navigation just pisses me off in the end…

    1. Under the player on the top, there are only seven options from My Music on the left to iTunes Store on the right. In between are the new choices. They are pretty clearly labelled.

  4. 1. This is an article from… so kinda lame.
    2. There’s no good ‘label / indie label’ (all the same)… the artist’s name should the your own ’label’.

  5. I think that the figure quoted in the article of an artist receiving 20% of the cut from a major label might be inaccurate. Perhaps it depends on whether other costs are taken away before the ‘cut’ figure is established, but I know of artists who do not receive anything remotely like 20% of the money that gets paid to the rights holders.

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