Apple working to massively increase iTunes Match limit to 100,000 songs with iOS 9 release

“As Apple Music, Apple’s new streaming audio service, is about to debut tomorrow with the launch of iOS 8.4, Senior VP Eddy Cue has answered a few question on Twitter about existing features will integrate with Music, namely iTunes Match,” Adam Westlake reports for Slash Gear.

“In its existing form, iTunes Match lets users upload up to 25,000 of their own songs that aren’t available in the company’s library to the cloud for streaming at any time,” Westlake reports.

“Cue has confirmed that this feature will continue to exist in Apple Music,” Westlake reports, “and upon iOS 9’s release this fall, the limit will be raised to 100,000 songs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’s a lot of music!


  1. I wish they would work on making the iTunes database a bit more robust. I’ve had it corrupt my library twice now. Each time it has ended up labelling apps as songs, folders as songs (which then won’t play), and mixing up all sorts of other stuff.

    1. That happened to me when I lost a drive and had to rebuild from a time machine backup. I recommend checking your drive. In end I decided to move to a Drobo system since that allows me to expand the size of the drives and have the library backed up. I also run a time machine backup on a separate share. One drive just failed and the system coped well and told me I needed to replace the drive.

  2. iTunes Match is a pain in the @ss.

    I have a heck of a time getting custom self recorded music on my iPhone. If I connect directly to my Mac, Match doesn’t work. If I try to use Match, my custom self recorded music never makes it to my iPhone.

    A couple of years ago, I had no problem getting my custom self recorded music on my devices.

  3. I think iTunes is one of the biggest embarrassments for Apple. In the early days it was an amazing innovation. But now with Audo books, music sales, Educational Courses, Podcasts, and of course Movies it has become a bloated mess that I struggle to understand. Instead of another OS X revision I would LOVE it if  would blow up iTunes and come up with a simple, elegant way, to organize all our digital media – books, owned movies, rented movies, owned music, streamed music (rented music), and educational courses, as well as the iPhone management and backup center. Way overdue!

    1. Been saying this for years. Even the name of the App, ‘iTunes’ makes no sense because as you correctly pointed out it’s also the portal for Apps, Movies, TV Shows, Education, Books…

      A separate App for each discipline and an iOS Utility for Syncing would make so much more sense than carrying on with the spaghetti mess that is iTunes.

  4. FINALLY!!!

    And I don’t even care about increasing the *upload* limit (for songs not already in iTunes Match)….

    But with my library of way over 25000 songs (ripped from my own CDs), I can finally have everything back in my main library.

    When j hit the 25K limit a while back, no additional music would go into Match…it just froze my library where it was, which was idiotic.

    I had to strip out stuff I didn’t listen to often (comedy CDs, less-listened music, etc) so that I got back under 25K, so newer stuff would finally sync.

    Glad they finally fixed this!!

    1. Me too, I have a personal library that holds 57K songs I use to own a dance school and and never liked radio or ads,
      but could not use itunes Match, even with my top 25K music,
      Still I have a lot in lossless formats, and even with the limit increased I would like to keep local OS X originals as lossless, with cloud and Mobile copies at AAC256, I hope that this available as option, similar to when you sync a device with the mac, they get down sampled.
      Also the option to LOCK my metadata, Classics metadata is awful on most DB

    1. Really? Care to explain? I’ve been collecting music since the early 80’s and, while I’m way over the 25k limit, 100k is plenty for me. I have music playing constantly, at home, at work, in the car. I’d say I qualify as someone who loves music.

      1. I agree. I am a total music nut and I have 40,000 tracks in my iTunes library. I have a hard time thinking there’d be many for whom 100,000 isn’t enough.

  5. I’ve used Match since it came out but I won’t be renewing. Way too many issues and trying to get support for any cloud service Apple offers is fruitless.

    Latest issue that randomly happened last week is my albums are split all over the place. Track 1 of many albums has disappeared but still shows up if I search for it. Try and play it and the App crashes.

    Such a shame, it’s a great concept but in my experience it’s been worse than a beta.

  6. I’ve not yet been able to try iTunes Match because of the 25K limitation. I’ve over 3,000 CDs on one wall and my iTunes library is over 60,000 tracks. My collection (and my listening preferences) are too eclectic to allow me to split the collection in order to be able to use iTunes Match so I’ve been waiting for news such as this.

  7. I used to get music at and load up on free shows, but the limit of 25000 is too low to keep adding to my library. Had to separate my library into live and studio. Glad to see the raise to 100K coming soon. Good sign that they are working out the issues in iTunes. I think Apple TV is the bottleneck to everything getting a proper home. iTunes has been a good horse, but it is time for a revamp soon.

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