Apple searching for new public policy director to influence governments worldwide

“Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider, “Apple is searching for a new director of public policy as it looks to both influence and react to government policies and regulations worldwide, according to an official job listing discovered by AppleInsider.”

“The person will be responsible for developing and guiding Apple’s public policy agenda, the listing states, as well as keeping track of international legal and political developments in order to inform upper-tier Apple executives and provide them with options,” Fingas reports. “Reaching in the other direction, the role also involves consulting with senior and mid-level managers to find out what the impact of government policies might be.”

Fingas reports, “Perhaps more significantly the new director will be responsible for crafting letters, position papers, and testimony with the goal of persuading lawmakers and regulators to adopt policies friendly to Apple’s business practices and profits.”

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: After years of ignoring the issue of government lobbying, Apple smartly looks to be addressing the issue.

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  1. Ah the political officer …

    The political commissar (also politruk Russian: политрук from политический руководитель: political officer) is the supervisory political officer responsible for the political education (ideology) and organization, and committed to the civilian control of the military.

  2. I have admired many of your thoughtful posts of the past and find your post refreshing often. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. Your strong McCarthyism background is showing through. Fear anything of Russian origin and hate it without question.

    1. I don’t fear “anything of Russian background” as you say, but the parallel of the political officer strikes me as ironic. I chose the idea of the Russian commissar, because they are the most notorious.

      You need to work on your understanding of the words “fear” and “hate.” Your strong Obamafication is showing through.

      1. I don’t think this job vacancy is what you think it is.

        MDN’s take gives a hint: this should be chief Apple lobbyist — the person greasing the wheels in legislatures near and far. Apple needed this long time ago. Steve was always resistant to the idea, but as the company grew, it became obvious that without proper government influence officer, competitors may end up skewing the law of the land in their own direction.

        Having grown in a place that once had ‘political commisars’, I know quite well what they did, and this is not it.

  3. It makes me VOMIT to think of Apple having to play the game of CORPORATOCRACY. This is a profoundly sick trend across the planet. It is evidenced by the unconstitutional ‘Fast Track’ for treaty approvals, as well as unconstitutional TPP and TPIP ‘trade treaties’ that force governments to bow to the will of corporations.

    Apple is forced to CORRUPT ITSELF and abuse their own customers in order to keep up with this global human disease and have any kind of say within the marketplace.

    Corporatocracy may well end up as the single worst idea of the 21st century, it’s that stupid and diabolical.

    1. Therefore, in order to make fun of corporatocracy, I invented a game today. It’s called ‘Pin The Nose On The Biznizz Bozo’. It was inspired by seeing a picture of Donald Trump, presidential candidate (itself highly hilarious) wearing his RED TIE. What goes better with a RED TIE than a RED BOZO NOSE.

      It’s clowns like Donald Trump who are going to ruin man’s world with their foolishness. So add a red nose and laugh at what they are.

  4. The problem with that is thinking that you can influence governments worldwide. That’s ridiculous and a waste of time and money. What makes Apple think they can do that? It is something that can boomerang.

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