Apple appears to be buying Privaris

“Privaris, a Charlottesville, Virginia, based startup, has recently transferred 26 of its 31 patents to Apple,” David Goldman reports for CNN. “Privaris primarily makes tiny fingerprint readers that attach to your key chain.”

“But Privaris also had a bunch of patents that could potentially make the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor a whole lot more useful,” Goldman reports. “For example, one of Privaris’ patents covers the ability to use a touchscreen and fingerprint reader at the same time. Another invention of Privaris’ could allow you to open a door with your iPhone by scanning your fingerprint and holding your phone up to a reader, similar to how you pay for items with Apple Pay.”

“‘We have potentially found Apple’s next acquisition,’ said Mikhail Avady, founder of SmartUp, a company that provides legal advice to startups,” Goldman reports. “Avady, who first discovered that Privaris’ patents were transferred to Apple, noted that none of Privaris’ founders have changed their LinkedIn profiles to Apple, so the potential deal might not yet have been completed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Touch ID for Macs and bolstering enterprise security for both iOS and OS X?


      1. perhaps you would feel more secure living within a society that limits/denies personal expression. have you considered relocating to north korea? lighten up already.

    1. Authentec, prior to being bought by Apple, marketed Eikon USB fingerprint readers for the Mac. I have 3 of them sitting around as Apple ended SW support and broke compatibility with Mavericks.

      Authentec held most of the critical patents Apple wanted for it’s fingerprint reader. They FUBAR’ed it on the Mac.

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