Roxio launches Toast 14 digital media suite for Mac

Roxio has introduced two new additions to its Roxio Toast product family — Roxio Toast 14 Titanium and Roxio Toast 14 Pro. With the all-new Toast Audio Assistant and Toast MyDVD, plus support for the latest devices including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it’s never been easier to capture, copy, convert and share your digital media.

Share to social media (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter), enjoy photos, videos and music on a mobile device, or burn discs for easy home theater viewing. Roxio Toast 14 is a capable companion for iLife, iTunes and your Mac.

New features in Roxio Toast 14 Titanium include:

• Toast Audio Assistant: Import audio from almost anywhere-LPs, tapes, microphone sound, or streamed-then edit, enhance and add it to your music library or burn to CD. Clean up and enhance recordings with audio filters. Capture music to iTunes automatically.

• Toast MyDVD video burning software: Turn your videos into professional-looking multimedia disc projects, complete with stylish menus and music. Burn to DVD and AVCHD in a few simple steps. Get polished results with themed templates and easily combine multiple movies on one disc.

• Support for new mobile devices: Enjoy your digital media on favorite devices with support for iPad, iPhone 6/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and more.

Choose Roxio Toast 14 Pro and receive everything in Titanium, plus 6 digital media software worth over $300:

• Corel AfterShot 2: Quickly convert and adjust RAW images, and manage large photo collections. Includes support for 250+ RAW camera profiles.

• FaceFilter3 Standard: Help the people in your photos look flawless with skin smoothing and blemish removal tools, a multi-layer makeup system, DSLR and lens effects and more.

• HDR Express 3: Create stunning high dynamic range images with a streamlined workflow, easy controls and presets. Powerful technology takes care of common problems like camera shake, moving subjects and more.

• FotoMagico 4.5 RE: Turn your photos and videos into a spellbinding high definition story complete with music, transitions, text and more. Innovative text, transition and alignment tools ensure astonishing results.

• iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner: Experience increased impact and clarity and remove unwanted noise for professional-quality results.

• BD Plug-in for Toast 14 and MyDVD: Author your video to high-definition Blu-ray Disc to watch in HD on any Blu-ray player

“Whether you want to preserve a lifetime’s collection of music or give family members instant access to the kids’ latest adventures, Roxio Toast 14 keeps pace with all your digital media needs. We’ve all grown accustomed to the convenience of having our digital media at our fingertips. With Toast 14, you can enjoy all your photos, videos and music virtually any way, anywhere,” said Michel Yavercovski, Director of Product Management for Roxio, in a statement.

Roxio Toast 14 Titanium and Roxio Toast 14 Pro are available now as electronic downloads directly from Roxio Toast 14 Titanium is available at the suggested retail price of $99.99 (USD & CAD)/ £79.99/ EUR 89.99. Roxio Toast 14 Pro is available at the suggested retail price of $149.99 (USD & CAD)/ £119.99/ EUR 139.99. Roxio Toast 14 Titanium will also be available at selected retail partners starting in July 2015.

Source: Roxio


  1. With services like YouTube and streaming media and huge hard drives, how is burning DVDs still a thing? I have removed my optical drive in my MacBook Pro to put in a Solid State Drive and the new laptops don’t even have an optical drive. Why would anyone want to buy a $100 program to burn discs?

    1. As a photographer and videographer, I still burn dozens of DVDs each week. My most recent burn was for over 60 copies of a grade school graduation ceremony.

      1. I guess that you haven’t heard of the internet and streaming or the cloud. Ever try that thing that Google purchased called YouTube? If you are not located in the Ozark Mountains, your customers might have access to that new fangled high speed internet thingy.

        1. Don’t be so hard on the Beaver, Ward! He is obviously selling a service and handing over a finished “product” probably adds some perceived value to the customer. Of course it could be online.

          I don’t disagree about how useless CD’s and DVD’s can be but they do have a place for some.

          The only reason I use mine nowadays is to rip with iTunes or HandBrake.

        2. He has heard of this, and there’s no reason to act like a snarky douchebag, because this guy, as a PHOTOGRAPHER, caters to his customers, who ask and want something physical to remember an important event.

          I bet he even sells photo prints as well. Are you going to chastise him for that as well?

  2. Now that burning disc media is no longer “in demand,” Toast sounds like it wants to be the “does everything” software package. Unfortunately, lack of focus is not good for marketing and telling me why I need Toast.

  3. I’ve used the DVD just a few times since I got my Mac in Dec 2012, however recently I needed to send a large amount of data to two co workers and I included a few humorous videos in the extra space on the DVDs. Do this was not difficult but in was more trouble than I thought. A product like Toast might help some. However, I have a policy of putting NOTHING on my Mac unless it comes from the Apple Mac App store. 🙂

    1. I purchased a stack of 50 burnable DVDs back when I had a new Powerbook Wall Street and burned 6 discs as a back up. That was the last time burned a disc. I don’t even play discs in anything anymore.

        1. You should inform Apple and other tech companies who are dropping optical drives from their laptops. They are not nearly as clued in as you are about those ‘millions of other consumers’ as you are. While you are at it, let them know how much you miss the floppy drive too.

        2. Wow, you really are terribly clueless, aren’t you?

          Plenty of comments in this thread of people, and different business’ that still use or rely on optical media.

          Yes, you’re right, optical drives are gone from laptops (and newer iMacs as well) – yet, here’s Roxio making a product for products which (according to you) no longer exist anywhere on the entire planet.

          Weird, huh?

          Like I said, you’re pretty clueless. My guess is you’re probably some 14 year old kid, who think only what he thinks matters in the whole world. Your entire diatribe seems consistent with that.

  4. As I posted over at MacUpdate:

    Roxio pulled a Microsoft? No version 13? Meanwhile, scrutinizing the new features, I’m shaking my head as to what exactly I’m paying for.

    – Audio recorder? – – Get excellent Audio Hijack instead for cheaper than the upgrade.
    – Better DVD authoring? – – Previous versions are entirely adequate. Paying more of meagre new features does not entice me.
    – Format conversion? – – Go get HandBrake and donate to the project for cheaper.

    If Toast 12 wasn’t compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan, maybe I’d be interested. But so far there is no indication of a problem.

    ∑ = A high upgrade cost for not much in return.

  5. My last Toast purchase was 11 Titanium, and it was with a MacUpdate bundle. I am kind of hoping it will show up in another bundle. Funny there was a long time between 11 and 12, and now they are up to 14…

  6. You know who still burns discs regularly and frequently? The entire legal/judicial system. As a lawyer, we make and exchange and provide CDs all the time to courts, lawyers and other parties as part of the standard litigation/filing process. So it might be 2015 in the rest of America but with lawyers, it might as well still be 1995.

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