Apple: No, Anton Newcombe, we’re not coercing artists into Apple Music agreements

“Despite reports to the contrary, an Apple representative tells Rolling Stone that the company is not threatening to remove music from its iTunes Store by artists who do not sign up for its new streaming service Apple Music,” Kory Grow reports for Rolling Stone. “‘It will not be taken off,’ a spokesperson for the company says.”

“The controversy arose when Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe took to Twitter with a series of missives alleging an official Apple rep had contacted him about the Apple Music service,” Grow reports. “‘They said we want to stream your music free for three months,’ he began his tweets, collected in full at Fact. ‘I said what if I say no, and they said, ‘We’ll take your music off iTunes.’ Hardball? Fuck these satanic corporations.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, fuck these satanic corporations who are actually comprised of millions of gainfully employed people worldwide who pay the taxes that pay for, among many others’, struggling musicians’ food, shelter, health insurance, cellphones, internet access, and God knows what else. Not to mention that these millions of benefactors — the people who actually make up these fucking satanic corporations and/or their children (who are also financed by these fucking satanic corporations) — are the ones buying Anton’s music, not stealing it via torrents (thanks entirely to Apple, by the way), and the tickets to his concerts, and his shitty merch, etc.

So, yes, YES, fuck these satanic corporations! Devils. Fuck, fuck, fuck! See how badass we sound?

Evil corporate bastards!!! Damn, we’re so fucking dangerous! Fuck.

Seriously, though, this whole thing sounds like a misunderstanding. Is Apple really contacting the individual artists or are they contacting their labels? Is Newcombe hearing this second hand? Third hand? Is he sure the Apple rep. didn’t simply agree with the question, “What if I say no?” by answering “Then, we’ll take your music off Apple Music (as requested).” Not off the iTunes Store.

Grow reports, “He went on to write, “‘The biggest company on earth wants to use my work to make money for three months and pay me nothing – [if] I say no, I’m banned… My guess is that they will come out of the gate with shit streaming for free or low cost then blow everyone away with higher quality streams. Devils. They shouldn’t threaten people to work for free. It’s not ok for these fucking idiots to decide art has no value.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anton Newcombe is highly confused about with whom the fucking idiocy lies. He should ask his fucking satanic accountant who deals with his evil, dirty, fucking devil money where the fuck he’d be today without Apple.

Stick to writing your little ditties, Anton.


    1. An exquisitely nuanced take, and a welcome relief from MDN’s usual bland, noncommital remarks. Either that, or Jonathan Swift on Prozac, or maybe Magritte and Hunter S. Thompson riffing on stage with Frank Zappa.

  1. No one said that the artists have to give the music for free for 3 months – I’m sure Apple is covering the costs for the 3 month trial – I wonder if his music is for free on Spotify (not that I would listen to any of it)

      1. So they don’t accept the terms that Apple is offering. I have no problem with that. I doubt that Apple is stupid enough to threaten to ban dissenting artists from iTunes. If that is happening, then the responsible personnel and, perhaps, staff from within Apple legal, ought to be fired.

        Why is Apple giving this kind of negative ammunition to the press and its competitors? Surely Apple could have negotiated a reduced rate with the artists relieving their full shares?

    1. True, honest, unbridled passion (above) is easily and often misinterpreted as being “juvenile.” The accepted PC-brand of “maturity” today is bland, centrist, bloodless, dispassionate . . . and boring and flat as low creek mud. I loudly applaud your energy and enthusiasm in this matter, MDN. Let not the voices of so-called “cold reason” and “calm reflection” stifle your voice in these and other matters. Rail on, rail on!

        1. This is a rare opportunity for commenters who are so inclined to unleash their gutter vocabulary without fear of reprisal from either the prim hall monitors or from an MDN beleaguered by demands for primness. Everyone should take advantage of this window of opportunity. Obscenity Day comes but once in a blue moon.

    2. I really enjoyed MDN’s take on this article, even though I tend to say away from foul-mouthed people. In this case, it was perfectly appropriate because they were mocking the subject of the article. That’s very different than just using foul language because you can. I work with a guy like that, and cringe every time he talks… F-this, F-that…I need to leave the room when he’s there.

  2. I seriously doubt this story. First, Apple doesn’t need to contact individual artists, they just need streaming deals with the record labels, which are very much like radio license deals.

    Second, there’s no way artists don’t get paid for three months, because new users will be signing up for their three month free trial all the time for years. Apple/Beats eats the 3 free months, but the artist (and record label) still gets paid.

    Finally, Apple has licensing deals to put artists on iTunes, so it can’t just pull them because they don’t want to do a different licensing deal. That would be breach of contract.

    I bet someone was actually called by his record company, who didn’t understand the situation at all.

    1. Seems it’s true that Apple will not be compensating the Artist or their labels for each user’s 3 month trial period. Easily searchable. Try “apple music free trial artist payment”.

  3. I did hear that the artists do not get paid for the first 3 months but they do receive a higher percentage than the industry norm once royalties are payable to offset the free period. So in the long term they will be better off.

    Generally though in this argument the artists are blaming the wrong parties (i.e. streaming companies) re their low income. The record companies and the person in mirror who signed the contract is who they should be blaming.

    1. *The person in the mirror*. If only this concept had registered in our species’ neurons early on, we might have become benevolent and fit in with other life forms, a creative force for good, instead of turning on one another, and poisoning the planet and ourselves. Boy, evolution really fucked this one up.

  4. Who is Brian Jonestown Massacre ? and why do I care ? someone notify me when they are inducted into the R&R hall of fame. The state of music is in disarray Thank god for recorded music from the good ole days.

    1. Comments like ^this^ just show that you are the problem buddabob. A Madonna could stream her music for free for three months and barely see a blip in her income. A small independent band that has to count every penny OTOH cannot afford such luxuries. Apple can certainly give away the service for free. But it still needs to pay the artists regardless of its income during that period.

  5. I will certainly make sure that I don’t listen to Anton Newcombe’s music for free nor will I buy it. I will make sure that my children and their friends know that he is against Apple and their great products and company. Not a penny will we spend through Apple or anybody else for his music.

  6. Chill pill anyone ?
    If its a missunderstanding then it clear now. If it was not a miss understanding then the rep goofed up and Apple cleared it with a corporate statement.

  7. I actually deal directly with Apple for sales of my music and it is a worry about the details of what is going to happen. I logged in to my iTunes connect account and just agreed to the new contracts they sent me.
    I did send an email to Tim voicing my concerns and worries as I have six major album releases due on iTunes LP format very soon (september) and the fear of 3 months of free streaming and its impact on actual sales is scary for me as its taken over 10 years to create this massive project but I have put my whole trust in Apple for years and so far although I have never always understood what the hell they are thinking with some of the deals they do (like beats) . I have come to realise that they do care on many levels about art and the creative process and making sure those creatives that do these things always get paid.
    I doubt I will get a reply from Tim but his track record on always doing the morally right thing first is better than any man I know on this planet.
    My fingers are crossed.
    In Apple (AKA GOD) We trust!

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