Will Apple Watch 2 leak kill sales of current Apple Watch?

“There’s an easy conclusion to come to over Mark Gurman’s reporting of the specifications of the second Apple Watch model, and that is people will wait for the new and improved wearable to arrive, depressing sales of the current generation of the Apple Watch,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes.

“Let’s be honest, there will be some people out there looking at the report, and will decide to wait until an unknown date in the future (my best guess is April 2016, as Apple follows a yearly product cycle for releasing new Apple Watch models),” Spence writes. “But the number of people who will (a) be following Apple products closely to understand the implications of the supposed second generation specifications (b) want an Apple watch, and (c) will be happy to not have the latest Apple dark mark on their wrist, will be incredibly small.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Correct. Apply Betteridge’s law of headlines, as usual.


Apple Watch 2 to feature FaceTime camera, iPhone-free Wi-Fi, premium-priced $1000+ models, sources say – June 18, 2015


    1. The said part is… even the updated Apple Watch specs sound lame.

      What does that say about the current Apple Watch?

      Triangulating cell towers instead of GPS, really?

      That’s like passing on a meatball sub for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

      I don’t blame Apple. If idiots are willing to throw money at you for junk then you should catch as much as you can.

      1. Besides, there is no “updated Apple Watch specification”, the rumour was nonsensical (cue the magical Wi-Fi chip that already exists in the first AW and provides the same thing that is promised in the BS AW update).

      2. My reason for purchasing the apple watch revealed around having a fitness tracker. I used a fitbit from Sept 2013. It made a definite difference in pushing me to be more active. Unfortunately, the $120 vice began to break down after a year. The synthetic material began to split and detached from the electronic core. This took about 14 months. I decided to duck tape and wait for the apple watch which, as we know, does a lot more that track steps. Duck tape worked fine over 6/7 applications. I received my apple watch. I think it’s great and it is certainly made better than the fitbit. So, spending the $400 for a better made device that does a lot more than the fitbit is with it for me. My experience with apple products is that almost all last a long time. Therefore, while the apple watch casts more, it’s price over it’s lifetime will be less than the fitbit.
        A point on the apple watch waking problem – my experience is that it is bullshit. One turn toward my gaze and it’s on. If your is not, get it fixed at apple or het them to replace it. The issue does not exist in a properly functioning watch.

  1. I’d think the number of people who constantly follow all Apple rumors would be quite small, so the rumor shouldn’t have little impact on present sales. There are so many BS Apple rumors on the blogosphere that I’m surprised anything would be believable. Too many losers attempting to get their five minutes of fame or should I say five seconds of fame. I’d think any newer version of a product would be improved in some way but is FaceTime going to be some killer app for the next AppleWatch. I’d think it would be more like a battery killer than anything else.

    Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio looked a lot bulkier and more amenable to carrying an over-sized battery than an AppleWatch.

    1. A rumor’s impact on sales isn’t a function of the number of followers. “Antennagate” and “Bendgate” had major media play and plenty of followers on social media. Did all that dent Apple’s sales? Not to any apprecible extent—because the products were better than the rumors said they were, and most people don’t rely on the rumor mill to make buying decisions in the first place.

      That being said, a different dynamic applies to the stock market, a seething cauldron of primal emotions that responds like stuck pigs to the merest hint of downside and flail about at the whiff of any rumor whatsoever.

  2. ” (my best guess is April 2016, as Apple follows a yearly product cycle for releasing new Apple Watch models),”

    Really? As of right now they follow about a 39 year product cycle for the Apple Watch. Who knows if that will change in the future. 😉

  3. It doesn’t matter. Anyone who wants “version 2” obviously wants an Apple Watch. They aren’t going to buy a Microsoft Band or some other “wearable” in the mean time. It’s just a deferred sale for Apple.

    Apple Watch is quite refined for a “version 1” product. Much more than the first versions of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t think Apple is using an annual release cycle for Apple Watch hardware. Apple Watch upgrades will be in the form of new releases of WatchOS. And the first one is coming soon, and it will significantly upgrade Apple Watch capabilities without any change to its hardware.

    FYI – Putting a FaceTime camera on Apple Watch is a dumb idea. Like web-surfing and taking photos/videos, that’s something the user does by pulling out the iPhone. It’s not Apple’s goal to eliminate the need for iPhone. The goal is to make owning iPhone more convenient. I think the main difference between Apple Watch versions 1 and 2 will be a small reduction in thickness. Functionally, they will be very similar.

  4. I couldn’t care less as I am not buying the Apple watch ever.
    I would be more interested in a 4″ iPhone with 128GB and the latest hardware with a longer battery life and maybe a iPod 256 GB with latest hardware. Apple watch is a dud for me. It shows that apple is losing focus from the stuff where they need to put in more effort, especially software. The number of bugs that they are injecting with their minor updates is absolutely shocking and lethargic.

  5. First Samsung on iphone..now i suspect FITBIT is spreading bogus rumors on the watch
    Hope the brains at Apple counter the bs.
    Is it a conicidance that ipo and this rumor happened at the same time ?
    IMHO Fitbit and its investors are behind this .

  6. Some people do already wait, anyway and from scratch, on the Watch 2… I don’t think it’ll “kill” the actual sales. Tough the first series are always there as a first marketing probe.
    Many people will happily wear a second hand Watch for a matter of pricing, while many will buy the newest as replacement.

  7. Not many people purchased the first iPhone either. I wish I had been one of them. Just for bragging rights. I waited for the next generation, the 3G, as I was under contract (a form of slavery).

  8. I thought of this question when I read the initial ‘leak’. But then I actually read the ‘leak’. Ooo, how scary. Apple will release a NEW Watch some time in 2016. Well DUH.

    IOW: Tempest in a thimble.

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