Apple Watch vs. Fitbit

“According to JMP Securities technology analyst Alex Guana, Apple’s slow launch into the wearables market has left a large opening for competitor Fitbit,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Guana claims Fitbit is the ‘clear leader in the market with over 11 million units sold last year.’ Guana continued by saying that Fitbit is currently ahead of Apple Watch as far as price points, battery life and GPS tracking. However, he did concede that long-term, Apple can bring a lot of ‘power’ with iOS and versatility. These Apple advantages will give Fitbit some serious competition.”

“When asked whether the current wearables market is like the smartphone market in years past, like Blackberry being the leader in an emerging market until Apple and Google stepped in offering far more versatility and power to smartphones,” Reschke writes, “Guana said that will be Fitbit’s challenge going forward, not to be ‘Blackberried.'”

“We believe this ‘challenge’ to Fitbit starts now, not in a year or two as Guana thinks,” Reschke writes. “Apple Watch is now in retail Apple Stores…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch vs. Fitbit is no contest because Apple Watch can simply do so much more (already, even without native third party apps). This is just going to get worse for Fitbit, not better.

That said, Apple should really focus on social networking and fitness. Let people compete with each other as much as possible via the Apple Watch’s Workout and Activity apps. A good “Fitness Center” for Apple’s Workout and Activity apps and third-party fitness apps would be a welcome addition for fitness-minded Apple Watch users.


  1. Got a free FitBit for opening a bank account in Florida. It was worth what I paid for it. Useless device, gave it away. I suspect that’s what happens to most of them. No comparison to the Apple Watch whatsoever.

  2. I definitely think there is a market for a device like this. Not everyone is going to be able to afford an Apple Watch, especially families with kids, but a more simplistic device could still definitely appeal. I don’t think fitbit is it, but it could be like the iPod shuffle. A low cost device with specific functionality without being cheap and crappy.

    I know that the Apple watch is seemingly more water proof than it is officially classed as, but what about a device that is completely waterproof? You don’t need it to do everything an Apple watch does because for a start you can’t talk underwater! Something like fitbit can’t compete with Apple Watch head on, but could definitely complement Apple products if integrated as much as possible. Probably unlikely to happen though.

    1. The way for families to afford Apple products is to buy one, then every so often upgrade and hand down the older versions.

      Apple products work well for many years, and this way, every upgrade purchase results in a ripple of upgrades.

  3. My daughter-in-law is very happy with her Fitbit, which she got for free, because I gave mine to her the day my Apple Watch arrived.

    Kind of a halo effect.

  4. Doesn’t Guana mean poop in some foreign language? This guy’s definitely spouting it. There’s no contest now, and never will be. The Blackberry analogy is perfect though.

    1. Guana – Wikipodia, (via Spanish, ultimately from the Quechua wanu) is the excrement of seabirds, cave-dwelling bats, pinnipeds, or (in English usage) birds in general.

      In other words: Batshit (as in crazy)

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