Apple fined T$20 million in Taiwan over ‘anti-competitive practices’

“Apple Inc has lost a lawsuit in which it was accused of engaging in anti-competitive practices and will be fined T$20 million ($647,124), a Taiwan court said on Wednesday,” Michael Gold reports for Reuters.

“The island’s Fair Trade Commission had previously levied the fine against the Silicon Valley firm for requiring its major Taiwan telecom partners to receive approval for pricing plans for its wildly popular iPhone series in advance of public release, in violation of Taiwanese law,” Gold reports. “Apple subsequently countersued and lost the suit. ‘Apple limited telecoms from setting contract price for its 4, 4S, 5 and 5S models, which is against the law,’ commission spokesman Chiu Yung-ho told Reuters. The court noted that Apple can still appeal.”

“Telecom companies in Taiwan own the rights to the phones they sell and can set prices however they see fit, the commission said,” Gold reports. “Apple was Taiwan’s most popular smartphone vendor as of the fourth quarter last year, with a 32 percent market share, according to analysts International Data Corp.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, you have to follow the law in the country in which you’re operating, no matter how stupid the law may be.

Now, how is Apple ever going to find $647,124?


  1. Tim Cook will be quaking in his boots rooting through his personal vehicle “ash tray” looking for some spare change to pay this……

    Oh sorry…..bring out Colon Gillis and Michael Blair to expound on the devistating news………………….

    I’m dumping all my Apple products and stock holdings…..whose with me….Blutosky….Flounder….anybody……??


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