18-year-old Canadian man shot dead after using ‘Find my Smartphone’ app

“The shooting death of an 18-year-old man trying to retrieve his lost smartphone highlights the risks of using mobile-tracking app, say police,” CBC News reports. “The teen’s death has prompted a manhunt in London, Ont., for three young men who were at the scene.”

“Jeremy Cook, a native of Brampton, Ont., was gunned down at about 5:15 a.m. ET on Sunday. London police found his body at the rear of a strip mall near Huron Street and Highbury Avenue in the city’s north end. He had multiple gunshot wounds. Cook had left his smartphone in a taxi and traced it electronically to an address on Highbury Avenue,” CBC News reports. “When he and a relative went to the address, he was confronted by three men in a car, Steeves told CBC News.”

Jeremy Cook was shot and killed after using an app to track down his lost smartphone in London, Ont. (Submitted by London Police Service)
Jeremy Cook was shot and killed after using an app to track down his lost smartphone in London, Ont. (Submitted by London Police Service)
“Police are looking for three men estimated to be between the ages of 18 and 21: A black male, wearing a white shirt with a black design; a black male, with very short hair, wearing a black jacket or shirt and a fitted hat; a black male of slim build, wearing a blue shirt and a black hat,” CBC News reports. “Steeves said he has no problems with phone apps that trace the owners’ phone location. However, while the shooting wasn’t Cook’s fault, people should step back and call police if there’s any potential for violence, he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tragic. Our condolences to Cook’s family and friends.

Never confront a thief. You never know what could happen. If you track your stolen iPhone, contact police and let them do their jobs.

[Attribution: BGR. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


        1. Yup. But not at *anywhere* near the rate of US citizens. Per capita rates are as follows (US all higher): murder 250% higher, rape 1600% higher, total crimes 500% higher.

          Then add in the US having the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the Western world, highest rate of obesity, highest rate of STDs among teenagers, poorest standards of sex education, and highest rate of childhood poverty, homelessness and malnourishment in the developed western World and tell me how the USA is fairing, exactly?

          Facts are so damn inconvenient, huh?

        2. ..or we have better reporting of crimes than other countries do. No doubt higher crime rate in cities, but reporting bias likely also plays a significant factor.

        3. First of all, don’t throw straw men in my direction and pretend that you’ve annihilated me with “facts.”

          Okie dokie?

          As for your facts – as far as they go, which ain’t very – those indicators are not spread at all evenly throughout the population, but rather they are concentrated in the black, mestizo, and other 3rd World subcultures the liberals have saddled us with.

          I don’t consider facts to be inconvenient. But I DO consider selective, limited, not-the-full-picture, non-contexual facts to be obnoxious.

          Secondly, the U.S. measures things more strictly than do inferior cultures – infant mortality rates, for example, so on and so forth.

          Americans are better than Canadians, and we are the envy of the world. People don’t dream of being Canadian. They dream of being an American.

          Facts are inconvenient, huh?

      1. Right, the bad guys don’t follow laws, gun control or otherwise. Remember that the next time some Dem/Lib/Prog wants to make laws to disarm law-abiding citizens. Criminals love such laws, it increases their chances for successful crime exponentially. Fewer bleeding hearts and more logical thinking brains is what this messed up world needs.

        Most gun violence in the United States is committed with illegal or unregistered firearms. According to the National Gun Victims Action Council, 12,000 gun murders in the US are committed by individuals who are already not legally allowed to own guns.

        In other words, more “gun control” laws are not needed. Proper gun laws are what are needed, i.e. laws – ENFORCED LAWS – that prevent guns from moving from legal manufacturers and dealers to criminals and young people who already cannot buy guns legally.

        Failing that, the only sane method of deterring criminals from committing gun violence is the threat to criminals of law-abiding citizens bearing arms.

        1. “anybody who uses a gun is a coward”

          If true, what does that say about those (i.e., the police, armed services) who are authorized to to use deadly force in the course of their jobs?

        2. Have you been watching the news? Cops have a LOT of incentive to be cowardly (or at least claim to be). They can fire like maniacs at unarmed people, killing them, and then say “I was afraid for my life” and face no punishment.
          The US is teaching its cops that they should always be afraid of everyone, and that it is OK to act with lethal force on even the flimsiest fear.

        3. Brilliant. I point out what is actually happening in the world, and the incentives that result in behavior we are seeing, and you get the sads and throw childish insults.
          If you like and respect the profession of law enforcement, you should be pushing for high standards of behavior and accountability. Otherwise, you are deliberately seeking the lowest, meanest, most abusive applicants to join the profession. We’re getting the law enforcement staff we collectively deserve for our foolishly worshipful attitudes.

        4. If the guy in the white hat shot and killed robbers, he should be liable for the death of that man. And he was lucky he didn’t get shot back.

          They were robbing at gunpoint, but they were not arbitrarily killing hostages or even threatening to do so. In fact, if they were planning on using their guns for anything more than intimidation, they would have shot back.

        5. Going only by the video, they were thieves, not murderers. Their goal was to get money/jewels/stuff, not up their kill count. If their goal was to kill people, they would have fired first. What the old guy was stupid, bordering reckless. He kept shooting at their backs as they ran away is also telling.

          A human life, even a petty thief, is worth more than dead trees and shiny rocks.

          Sure, we look at the old guy as a hero that saved the day, but in reality, it’s likely that no lives were actually at much of a risk.

          I’m sure someone will come back with the argument that “if someone has a gun they plan to use it, so you should shoot first, and ask questions later”. However, those are the very actions that start riots when police officers do it. But when we see a regular person do that and shoot two guys as they’re fleeing. I think there shouldn’t be a double standard. If you want to keep handguns easily accessible to the public, that’s fine. But you need to have mandatory training, stricter control on usage and rules in place.

          Citizen police who want to roam the streets with their very own pistol, should be required to have similar training to police officers. We don’t let anyone become a police officer, we shouldn’t let anyone carry a handgun.

        6. “Going only by the video, they were thieves, not murderers.”


          And you would know that if you were in the middle of the actual situation? You would know their intentions, how, exactly? Armed robbery has never lead to murder? Really? Are ya sure? Would you bet your life and the lives of your loved ones on that? Apparently you would. Strange.


          “Their goal was to get money/jewels/stuff, not up their kill count. If their goal was to kill people, they would have fired first.”


          You are basing that on what, again? You have expertise in such things. Really? Are ya sure?

          I watched the video and there were numerous times when a presumably loaded gun could have gone off and killed someone. I’m not sure why you don’t understand this. A gun in single-action mode can have a 3.5 trigger pull. That’s not much under normal circumstances, and it takes a very well trained expert to competently handle. Criminals are notoriously lousy with guns, and when you add adrenaline and, possibly, drugs to the mix, you’ve got a very clear threat to human life here. If you think not, ask yourself how comfortable you’d be having ANY gun pointed at you, much less one matching the above-described scenario.


          “What the old guy was stupid, bordering reckless. He kept shooting at their backs as they ran away is also telling.”


          I watched the video, and the part at the end – where he was shooting at their backs as they had ran out of the building and were fleeing the scene – was indeed illegal. You are correct here. A Concealed Handgun License only allows for stopping the threat. Once the threat has clearly acquiesced, any use of deadly force thereafter is illegal. I’m glad that the man did about 95% of what he did. He might very well have prevented innocent loss of life. But that last part after they’re gone is problematic, legal-wise.


          “A human life, even a petty thief, is worth more than dead trees and shiny rocks.”


          We are not responsible for the suicidal actions of criminals. If a criminal presents a gun, brandishes a firearm, what have you, he is engaging in conduct that could very easily result in the loss of innocent life. It happens quite often, and I had previously thought that this was common knowledge. The murder can happen because of intent, or panic, or drugs, or adrenaline, or poor gun skills. When a criminal present a lethal weapon, or otherwise engages in deadly force, that threat must be stopped if possible. If someone is to die, better him than a bystander.


          “Sure, we look at the old guy as a hero that saved the day, but in reality, it’s likely that no lives were actually at much of a risk. I’m sure someone will come back with the argument that “if someone has a gun they plan to use it, so you should shoot first, and ask questions later”. However, those are the very actions that start riots when police officers do it.”


          What does the propensity for black people to riot and shift blame outward have to do with any of this?


          “But when we see a regular person do that and shoot two guys as they’re fleeing.”

          Correct, as long as they’re fleeing.


          “If you want to keep handguns easily accessible to the public, that’s fine. But you need to have mandatory training, stricter control on usage and rules in place.”

          There already is on all of that. ALL of it.

          Not just “anyone” CAN carry a handgun now.

          No one is “roaming” the streets, just because they have a CHL. Only criminals roam the streets. Not law-abiding citizens. Again, the man may saved innocent life. And if YOU had been there, that life might have been your own.

        7. You are monumentally thick.

          It takes a pitiful creature to gamble his life and the lives of innocent people against the lives of felons committing aggravated robbery.

          As for “opinions,” no, you are wrong. I spoke in facts; You spoke from the depths of your anus.

          You spoke incorrectly, as to the facts. You are contending things that are counterfactual. You are assuming an awful lot and putting the lives of street scum over the lives of innocent people.

          You’re disgusting. Really, really, disgusting.

          As for me and mine, we will use whatever force we have at our disposal to defend ourselves from violent scum, and we’re not going to ask for your damned permission.

          I hope that at least THAT much is clear to you.

        8. Anytime someone points a gun at you, that, in and of itself, is a clear threat to kill.

          What would you have people do? Ask the robber if his gun is loaded? Ask the robber if he plans on using that gun? Wait till the robber splatters someone’s brains all over the wall to indicate his intentions? Or, the robber, if using a gun in single-action mode, all hopped up either on drugs and/or adrenaline, accidentally fires off a round, killing an innocent – someone’s mom, dad, wife, husband, son, or daughter?

          Please, I implore, don’t ever again weigh in on a subject where you have nothing to offer except astonishing ignorance.

        9. Because most all law enforcement agencies (in the US) are under funded (based on demand for services), expecting law enforcement assistance is unrealistic. That is the primary reason criminal conduct is so rampant. The criminal does not fear immediate consequences to their anti-social conduct.

        10. Apparently you cannot read or just do not care about the facts.
          All Democrats are not Progressive or Liberal.
          All Liberals are not Democrats or identify as Progressives.
          All Progressives do not identify as Liberals or Democrats.

          Just as not all Republicans are Tea Party types or NeoCons.
          Jim Brady was a Republican and had a gun control law named for him.

        1. Is that how Bush/Cheney got appointed President and Vice President? By the 5 Republican Supremes.

          The Constitution said Florida – and by extension the Florida Supreme Court- was the final arbiter of Florida’s elections. If that would have happened we would have had President Al Gore.
          To quote you:
          “Criminals, by definition, do not follow laws, regardless of how many you make”

      1. “Who’s to say where the guns came from, or the criminals for that matter?”

        So, the laws barring illegal import of guns into Canada were broken, not to mention the laws against carrying the gun and the laws against murder, and your answer is “more laws?”

        More Dem/Lib/Prog illogic. Criminals, by definition, do not follow laws, regardless of how many you make.

        1. I just can’t go along with your “no laws” world view. Sorry.

          I saw a list of 10 pretty smart rules on how to live with other people, but groups of people seem to need a lot more detail on the specifics of how to implement them. Hence, laws are needed.

        2. Which part of the following didn’t you understand?

          Proper gun laws are what are needed, i.e. laws – ENFORCED LAWS – that prevent guns from moving from legal manufacturers and dealers to criminals and young people who already cannot buy guns legally.”

        3. What do passing more meaningless gun control laws do besides making you feel better? Forget the fscking feelings for a minute and use your brain.

          Dem/Libs/Progs pass laws that make them feel as if they are doing something in order to make themselves feel better even when the laws do nothing (gun control vis a vis criminals) or only make things worse (Obamacare). It’s all about the feelings, nothing else matters.

          Call Bruce “Caitlyn” because that’s what he wants and we have no right to judge even though a logical, thinking person might say: Bruce’s Y chromosomes prove the charade. Treat mental illness with mental health professionals, not by chopping off his penis, pumping him full of estrogen (hello, cancer!) and slapping silicon bags into his chest. The rate of suicide is massively higher among those with “transgender” mental illness. Perhaps instead of humoring the mentally ill, we should help to find the root cause of this and treat it appropriately rather than disfiguring people and pretending they’ve become the opposite sex when they haven’t?

          Dem/Lib/Progs, I apologize for hitting you with so much logic. I expect you’ll need to retire to MSNBC to wallow in the groupthink for quite some time now.

        4. First 2014,
          You don’t understand. The Dem/Lib/Prog are not illogical. They want to outlaw guns for the public – law abiding citizens and disarm them. And then wait for about 30 to 50 years of mayhem while criminals use guns, kill and maim people, get caught and guns confiscated. It is terrible for the number of law abiding citizens that get killed in this 30-50 year span, but once that is done, everyone will be safe. Makes logical sense – except for the huge number of killings that happen when the criminals realize that no one has guns but them and the police.

          The Dem/Lib/Prog can live with that.

        1. If you think selection of our national leaders should be done at the barrel of a gun, that would probably be easier than offering competing candidates for election and winning at the ballot box on the basis of ideas. I happen to not think the barrel of a gun would be a good idea, having personally heard otherwise nice people say, in public, out loud that “they hope some one assassinates Obama soon because he…”. The thought that national direction will be decided by some fool with a gun is pretty disturbing. The fact you think it might be OK should worry you.

          For now, I think we should follow the example of the NRAs National Gungasm as to when and where guns belong. Basically, not in public spaces.

      1. A free country’s recourse to the rise of a tyrannical government is nonexistent when unarmed and hence the country is no longer free. All of the disarmed countries of the world are helpless and subject to the threat of tyranny.

        The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. – Adolph Hilter, 1942 (Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944: Secret Conversations)

    1. This is ONE incident.

      The US kills more in 30 days than some countries do in 30 years.

      Here is something interesting about just how violent your POLICE is with guns… let alone violent gun crimes in rest of US society.

      1. Don’t you recognize propaganda when you see it? That is RT. . . Russian Television:

        RT’s flagship, award-winning English-language channel airs 24/7 from the network’s Moscow offices and is available to more than 700 million viewers worldwide. It covers the most urgent domestic and international issues of our time for viewers wishing to question more and delivers stories often missed by the mainstream media to create news with an edge. RT provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints an international audience with the Russian viewpoint.

    2. Canada does NOT have some of the toughest gun controls in the world. Try visiting Japan, or a host of other countries. Plenty of people use guns for hunting in Canada. They’re common in rural areas.

      Guns are less common in cities. Sure, SOME criminals have guns, but police officers also have guns. With gun control, what you find is that petty criminals don’t usually carry as getting a gun can be difficult legally, and expensive illegally.

      Gang members, drug dealers… they usually have weapons, but your average interaction with them are limited unless you’re in that world of gang business and money.

      Are you saying that Canada is a more dangerous country than the USA? Are you saying that there are proportionally more gun deaths in Canada per capita? Are you trying to say that a gun would have saved his life?

      1. Comparing two different isolated sets of facts where all else is not equal nor nearly so is highly fallacious.

        I already told you to stop displaying your ignorance. Now would be a good time to heed my admonition.

    3. Because Mr Cook was stupid enough to put himself in a position to be easily a victim. There is a reason police exist.

      No phone is worth your life.

      And- to your NRA nonsense. Canada has lots of people with lots of firearms. Get over your Right Wing memes.

    4. As they say, when you criminalize guns, only criminals will have guns. It may be a cliché but it’s true.

      But I see this story as an indictment against police departments who are unwilling to take stolen phones seriously. A call to a police department saying “my phone has been stolen and I know where it is” and getting absolutely no help can drive normal citizens to put themselves in harms way. “if the police aren’t interested I guess I have to look into this myself”.

      The police indifference has to be changed.

  1. The problem with MDN’s take is that the police, when contacted, just laugh and tell you they won’t help. “It’s not worth their while.” Even if you can pinpoint the location of your phone, they don’t care.

      1. Although it unfortunately ends up that way all too often, our society doesn’t expect that. Our society expects petty criminals to get caught, by the force that we’ve decided to put in charge of that duty, the police force. We, as a society, have decided to value human life. We take executing people very seriously because of the way it affects us. It doesn’t matter if this execution happens in a prison or on the street, death is permanent and in general, we consider it a last resort.

        This is why we put so much effort into safety, on our roads, in our cars, in our homes, at our places of work.

        Peace and security help a culture thrive and grow.

  2. So much for all of my previous assertions that black people were bad for a civil society.

    (As I was reading the story, I began to figure that it was very likely a case of Barack Obama’s sons/Eric Holder’s people, doing what they do best. And as I read further, yep, there ya go. Either I’m clairvoyant, or there’s a pattern here. Hmm, THAT’S RAYYYCIST!)

    And so much for all of my previous assertions that gun laws are only obeyed by law-abiding citizens.

    Gosh, I feel so wrong and embarrassed.

    Black Lives Matter!

    White Lives Don’t!

    Carry on…

    1. Does this have any bearing here; “9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Or does that type of writing only matter when it’s on your blog. You “holier than thou” types are some of the most hypocritical people on earth.

      1. 1) Where did I bear false witness? Show me, hotshot.

        2) I don’t have a blog, you blithering liar. This is now the SECOND TIME I’m telling you this. YOU are the one bearing false witness, AND in the process, calling ME a hypocrite. You’re excrement.

        1. Oh, you are not from Housyon TX? Then someone stole your name.
          NOTHING FOUND on WordPress.
          Or from Boreanbob.blogspot.com
          “I apologize for the length of time since my last blog. I had several ideas bounce around in my head but nothing really clear.

          Having been “unplugged” from the frantic pace of the east coast of the United States over the past several months I have enjoyed being still and really seeing God at work. As I became aware of the peace in the stillness my mind turned to the scriptures on the same topic.”

          There’s more.

        2. No. I do not have a blog. I have never had a blog. And I will never have a blog. I am not a blog guy. This is the 3rd time I’m telling you this.

          None of that is me. That’s not even how I talk.

          Moreover, it’s a little creepy that you’ve gone looking for me out in the wild, but to each his own.

          I must have really gotten under your skin.

        3. Bereans are a Christian group, a sect that has existed for almost 2000 years, and there are quite a few of them around the world. I would imagine that many of them might be named Robert or Bob. You are making the classic mistake of assuming that a similarity in Internet handles makes one the same as another. Sorry, you lose.

    2. I guess the question is, do these black folks behave this way because of racism, or is there racism because they behave this way?

      I think the answer is pretty clearly that a racist society has a huge impact on minorities, and thus their behavior. Something to consider.

      1. I guess that is why Africa sucks. Because: White people.

        Now THAT’S something to consider.

        It takes a quite pathetic person to look at the consistent, uninterrupted, historical awfulness of a race of people and blame that awfulness on another race of people – especially when the latter has BLESSED the former, so much, for so long, in so many ways, but not vice versa by a long shot.

        People like you who make excuses and coddle the heathen are a big part of the present predicament.

  3. “If you track your stolen iPhone, contact police and let them do their jobs.”

    Or if you’re George Zimmerman, contact the police, and when they tell you to let them do your job, confront the thief anyway and shoot him when he doesn’t like being confronted, then claim self defense.

  4. I’m shocked that they even stated that the three assailants are black; in the States, that kind of information is suppressed by the mainstream media, in order to not enforce stereotypes in the minds of Caucasian Americana I would venture.

    Please don’t bother with the leftist-anti-racist diatribes; I am speaking of the American reverse-racist media, not my own beliefs; I judge people on their actions, not the pigment of their skin.

    1. The Universary of Minnesota Police Department has a policy that race does not matter when they release details to the media and public. I guess a description of 3 white guys, 3 Asian guys or 3 black guys doesn’t make a difference in locating perpetrators.

  5. Turns out “we’re looking for a black guy” covers a lot of people, and with the indiscriminate arrests and imprisonments of black men, maybe it’s best to not just say “we’re looking for a black guy.”

    1. Unless, of course, you want to find them, YFM.

      Comrade Dmitri above is a prime example of the Dem/L ib/Prog illogic that’s led us in the U.S. and elsewhere down the rathole.

        1. I welcome any and all primary candidates in order to, hopefully, arrive at the best possible, most prepared candidate to take on Lenin in a Pantsuit and her army of sycophantic mainstream media “journalists” who are enamored of “firsts” regardless of a candidates qualifications or record (or non-record), helpful debate moderator Democrat plants and once-every-four-years, bused-in societal leeches/illegal aliens who somehow manage to vote multiple times, even while dead.

          It’s interesting that Republicans continue to amass an ever-growing number of Senate seats, house seats, governorships, state legislatures, etc., but the Democrats somehow managed to re-elect Obama. Maybe Hillary can go transracial? I wouldn’t put it past her.

          I continue to pray daily that Hillary waltzes to the Democrat Party nom and runs unvetted and totally unprepared. Please, God, please!

  6. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Really?

    According to Johns Hopkins University, a 1995 Connecticut law requiring a permit or license – contingent on passing a background check – in order to purchase a handgun was associated with a 40 percent reduction in the state’s firearm-related homicide rate.

    By contrast, Missouri’s 2007 repeal of its handgun license law was associated with a 25 percent increase in its firearm homicide rates.

    Read more at: http://www.jhsph.edu/news/news-releases/2015/connecticut-handgun-licensing-law-associated-with-40-percent-drop-in-gun-homicides.html

    1. That is actually false to facts, because the rate of firearm homicide was falling in all areas at the same rate or better than Connecticut due to other factors than the gun law. Professor John Lott directed that study you quoted showing it in relation to other areas which did NOT pass similar laws and also had reductions over the same period gun homicides. It is more related to an aging baby-boomer generation, more firearms in the hands of the law abiding populace (much lower homicide rates where concealed carry laws were passed), and the passage of three-times-and-you’re-out criminal prosecution to clear the streets of career criminals. There was a far stronger correlation for those than for Connecticut’s permit/licensing/background check laws, especially when looked at in context of all other states. Sorry. Connecticut does not exist as an island.

  7. What a tragic story .One supposes that he was not anticipating violence given that he had left his phone in a taxi .
    A few facts-London is only about a 1 hour drive from the American border and the closest large American city is Detroit which is about a 2 hour drive away .London’s population is only roughly 350,000 .
    Canada has had handgun control since the 1930’s but according to the police there is a very sizeable problem with illegal gun ownership. Rates of legal ownership of guns and gun violence are a fraction of what happens in the US .
    Only about 3% of the population are black and the ratio is lower in London at 2.5% . While some may be offended by the description of the suspects the police were correct to do this and there is a good chance they will identify the suspects . Who knows maybe these guys are stupid enough to keep the phone and keep it powered .

  8. What a tragedy. My deepest sympathies go to all his family and friends.

    It’s so sad that we live in a world where people think a phone carries more value than another life.

    Truly sickening, what a species we are.

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