The best new iOS 9 features Apple didn’t mention at WWDC

“Apple’s WWDC keynote focused on a number of big new features, like Apple Music, predictive Siri and its News app, but there were a number of smaller features the company didn’t mention,” Owen Williams reports for TNW.

Williams writes, “Here’s a collection of some of the most useful new features coming in iOS 9.”

• Lowercase keyboard
• App Thinning
• Settings search
• ReplayKit
• Apple’s new font
• Disable vibration
• Battery saver
• Folders in Notes
• Better iPad support

Read more, and see all of the screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: ReplayKit was mentioned, briefly, by Craig Federighi, during the keynote.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Will the day ever come that we will see a Preview App for IOS, so we can seamlessly access PDF’s from iCloud? How could Apple fail to produce such a crashingly obvious thing?

    1. I want Preview because it ties directly to the OS X version and they could let you sign PDF documents with it. The OS X version lets you either use your finger or you can sign a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera and it will scan and convert it to a vector you can save to use to sign docs.

  2. I’ll never leave OSX no matter what.
    Photos sucks? yes
    Apple Music suck? yes
    iTunes is not that great? yes
    Quicktime, iMovie, are not so great? yes
    Mac App Store, not so useful.
    Reminders, Notes on OSX, not so useful.
    BUT OSX still rules hard.

      1. There’s suck and then there’s hell…

        On a Bell curve Apple is all A’s 🙂

        I think people just like to complain… “My Apple Light Saber sucks. The beam could be more powerful, just couldn’t cut through Vanadium Steel fast enough. The flow is just wrong.” Never mind you are actually holding a light saber. Theoretically speaking.

        1. Noticed they named something “Time Travel” but it wasn’t the actual machinery we demanded years ago. Phil Schiller needs to push away from the dinner table and get over to the lab. Federighi can wear a damned hairnet. Get busy guys, I need to go back to Finnerty’s Pub in 2012, where I lost the matchbook with the hot blonde’s phone number. Quit playing bait and switch, give us the goods by golly!

        2. With all due respect, AAR is spot on.
          I’m also not about to go to M$ but:
          Mail: STILL cannot handle attachments right, STILL shows up with wonky fonts and is STILL stuck in 1998, functionality wise.
          Calendar: Ug-ly. No useful features (ie: stuff anyone will actually use) introduced for years.
          Contacts: Same, hopeless at organizing too.
          Notes: So limited. Frustrating to see it languish.
          Photos: Speed increase bought at the cost of features. Both unintuitive AND spartan. Way to go Apple.
          Maps: No building outlines, no expressway exit #s…
          The list is long here…………..

        1. Fear is “real”. It’s also most often illogical and a hindrance to progress. But Cheney’s entire shadow security administration was built to perpetuate fear and keep the population in the dark, not to make government more effective.

    1. Here’s how it goes:
      Apple builds a new app.
      App is released with fanfare.
      Dev team fixes first round of bugs and is then disbanded, leaving two interns in a corner office.
      Apple builds another new app…

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