Apple Watch – some models – to hit retail stores on June 26th

“Apple Inc said it would start selling some models of its watch at its retail stores this month, and also roll out the gadget in seven more countries,” Devika Krishna Kumar and Arathy Nair report for Reuters. “‘We believe making the Apple Watch available for customers to purchase at an Apple retail store will drive increased sales volumes,’ Cantor Fitzgerald analysts wrote in a note.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, ya think? Thank you, Captains Obvious.

“Apple Watch will be launched in Italy, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan on June 26, the company said,” Kumar and Nair report. “The watch is currently available in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d like to see some other Watches around. With no supply of which to speak, we’re feeling awfully lonely. Educating Dunkin’ cashiers to “scan the Watch” (that’s why we’re holding it up with a DD card’s CR code in front of you – cripes!) is fun… for about a week. We’re ready to cede that job to others!


Apple Watch arrives in seven more countries on June 26th – June 4, 2015


  1. There are about 240,000,000 people in the US over 18. I would suggest is a reasonable approximation of the potential Apple Watch universe in the USA.

    How many Apple Watches have been sold in the USA so far? If we say 5 million, that means about one out of every 1,200 people might be wearing an Apple Watch.

    I’ve never seen a very crowded Dunkin’ Donuts. So your chances of running into someone else there with an Apple Watch are miniscule.

    I work in an office with 35 employees and so far I’ve seen one other Apple Watch, which is a very high hit rate. But I expect that to change over the next year. Patience, Grasshopper.

    1. We flew out to visit our son in Mountain View last week. A guy on the plane in front of me had one.

      We visited the Computer Museum, saw several being worn there, and a few others here and there in the Valley.

      But the best sighting was of Tim Cook, wearing his Apple Watch, having breakfast at the LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto.
      (I kid you not.)

      I can’t remember if used Apple Pay on my watch there, but I did several times at Whole Foods. Painless.

      (Also, every time I saw a Google self driving car on the streets of Mountain View, I contemplated running out in front of it to see how it would react 😉

  2. Great!

    I’ll make sure NOT to go out and buy one.

    This product stinks so badly, most can’t forget about it fast enough.

    The idiots who bought one are living proof that effeminate, Tim Cook era, androgynous Fanbois will buy anything with an Apple logo on it.

    Insert MDN troll comments below.

    1. You don’t know what you are writing about. Everyone who has received theirs loves it. Doesn’t matter how much you try to brag it’s useless. We’re still gonna use and love ’em.😱👀💥😜🎉

    2. I just LOVE ad hominem attacks from anonymous, gutless trolls who haven’t the wit to even understand the situation. While I deplore laughing at the handicapped, when someone goes out of their way to imitate a semi-intelligent hominid throwback, I indulge in the guilty pleasure.

      And yes, you can quote me.

      1. As Christopher Walken would say, “wow”.

        Let’s see, “ad hominem”, “deplore”, and “guttless troll” used in the same sentence, with the latter word garnering true insight into your substandard, virtually non-existent, formal education. Your desperate Googling of word definitions is both obvious and clearly apparent. Additionally, your forced attempt at a witty and otherwise well thought out retort fell far too short.

        On the contrary, you’re not even half-intelligent. You are a knucle dragging, abjectly ignorant, imbred, Apple Watch wearing, dyed-in-the-wool MORON!

  3. Almost daily I get to astonish someone by paying with my Apple Watch at Subway, Panera, Walgreens, Home Depot or Sprouts. I still think it’s fun to watch the cashiers react. It truly delights them, they smile and make surprised comments and ask questions.

  4. Apple can start selling Watch in stores now that I have my first day order in hand, or on wrist. (I may designate that my Wrist). It is everything I’ve read. Uses about 65% battery through a full day, take my iPhone out of my pocket a lot less, light weight, looks good, etc, etc. I thought I might get an alternate band, but I like the Sport Band, so may not get an additional one.

    The only complaint I have is the absolutely goofy packaging. Compared to other Apple products it is just stupid. I have a Sport and the case and box the case comes in are useless. They are overly large, redundant and no where near the sensiblities of other Apple products, where the packaging is brilliantly simple, protects the product during shipping and is completely recyclable. The watch is NEVER going back into the case, so I don’t need a monument for it. The watch could have easily been packaged in a box with a shape that might be useful in some other way, but this long, flat, skinny box made of the same materials as the outer shell of an Apple laptop charger has an aspect ratio that suits it for little other than the storage of unrolled condoms. I guess the outer box might be useful if you wanted to gift wrap them at some point.

    But enough of that. Time to stand.

    Oops, I just thought of the use for the long plastic case. It is where to store all of the watches I’m never going to wear again. Once again, Apple is smarter than me. TTFN

      1. He clearly possesses some major Dremel skills. So far, mine is only off my wrist about an hour every evening. I charge it while I watch (view) the Daily Show and other late night hilarity. I am really surprised by how comfortable the Sport Band is.

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