WWDC 2015: 5 huge expected announcements from Apple on June 8th

“Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is always chock full of announcements,” Caitlin McGarry writes for Macworld. “We’re guaranteed to see previews of the next versions of iOS and OS X—after all, that’s why developers flock to San Francisco for the event. But this year, substantiated rumors are swirling around a new streaming music service, a refreshed Apple TV, and truly game-changing new iOS features.”

“And now that Apple Watch is finally here, we might even catch a glimpse of the future of Apple’s most personal device,” McGarry writes. “Here are the five big reveals we expect at WWDC, which kicks off June 8 at 10 a.m. Pacific.”

• Apple TV overhaul
• Beats by Apple
• Maps, rerouted
• Siri smartens up
• Native Watch apps

Each of the five bullet points discussed in depth in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Its a shame that the Apple’s over-the-top Internet TV service reportedly won’t make the show, but Apple TV should have more than enough excitement to offer by finally getting an SDK, an App Store, and Siri/HomeKit capabilities.

What are you most interested in hearing about on June 8th?


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  1. What are you most interested in hearing about on June 8th?

    1-That Apple has decided to stop treating Mac OS like a Red Headed stepchild and does a Snow Leopard like cleanup to Mac OS.
    2-Still think Apple could make a way so that iOS Apps (some- not all) could also be used as Dashboard Apps on Mac OS X. Since iOS was developed as a subset of Mac OS it should be doable.

    1. All your music is free. Your Photos are free until you have to move them to your own storage after a month (or is it 3…don’t remember).

      Jesus, pay for the things you want. I just hate this freeloading crap.

      No, the freebies from Google, Amazon, Facebook etc are NOT free by any stretch of the imagination.

      America: Anything offered for free by the government is bad but if they have to pay a few dollars for Apple it is the end of the world. It is much more preferable to take out mortgages and go bankrupt for a few days in hospital. But….”I will not rest till Apple makes everything FREE”. How did you guys end up this way?

  2. Too early for an iPad pro announcement?

    FaceTime upgrade that would allow you to connect to three other people at once and provide a whiteboard everyone could share. Or allow a Keynote presentation in one shared window.

    Allow Mail for iOS to create and manage folders.

    Multitasking in iOS. Split screen is ok. I’d prefer a P-in-P effect that preserved aspect ratio.

    Bring iWork up to parity with iWork 09. For me I need linkage of text boxes in Pages fixed.

    Upgrade to iBooks Author. Cross reference figure references. Add widget to embed a PDF document

  3. I’d like to see more OS X refinements and bug fixes. I think it’s important for them to fix and/or improve what’s already there than to add even more new features.

    Native support for the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs would also be nice.

  4. I would like to see a massive google/samsung/windows humiliation… jokes about watches, creepy unlimited photos services, windows irrelevance… Like Phil Schiller “my ass” jokes and how useless tech analysts are.

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