What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2015 and beyond

“WWDC takes place next week. The big Apple event, which brings together developers working on various programs under the Apple brand, is a big deal for the company, as it’s typically a platform for launching new products and services,” Seeking Alpha reports. “It’s expected that Apple will unveil a new video/TV effort. There will be key updates for iOS. More details on the Apple Watch could be shared with attendees. No matter what comes out of the conference, talk about the event during the past few weeks has captured the attention of those who closely watch the company. That includes Neil Cybart, a Seeking Alpha contributor who runs Above Avalon, a site dedicated to analysis and commentary on Apple.”

Seeking Alpha: What could we see from WWDC in terms of something new from the company?

Neil Cybart: It is important to remember the primary audience for an event like WWDC is iOS developers. As a result, one should expect updates to iOS and OS X. Even though early rumors had suggested minor updates to both iOS and OS X, I still think we can be in store for some surprises. Jeff Williams told us at the Re/code conference that Apple also will be previewing the SDK for native Apple Watch apps. We are likely going to see Apple unveil its new streaming music service, along with an updated Apple TV box and possibly a new SDK for Apple TV. It remains to be seen if Apple will announce a new video streaming service or if that will be announced later this year. Updates to other services like Apple Pay and ResearchKit also are expected. I would not be surprised to see some new things that, similar to last year, have not been discussed in the press.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We expect WWDC 2015 to be the epicenter of change. 😉


  1. Solid state iPod with clickwheel interface, please? (I can operate a click wheel by feel. Touch screens are harder.

    Ok, that’s probably dreaming.

    But at least a 128GB iPod.

  2. As we all can tell from the invite, we know it is going to be an event for the Apple TV, but how far Apple is going to take the ATV. I believe it will have a A8 in it with 802.11 ac wifi, more memory and a gigabit ethernet port. And it will come with that touch remote. It will also be Siri controlled, be a hub for HomeKit, a SDK and a App Store for Apps, it’s TV service will be announced but will not be released until maybe Sept., will be compatible with Apple’s new music Streaming Service and DVR capabilities with iCloud. What I am hoping forebodes this is: Since they are going to have a SDK and a App Store it will be open to games to make the ATV a gaming platform as well, a more tighter and better AirPlay so yo can your iDevice as a controller instead of the touch remote, finally bring PrimeSence into the picture, a company that Apple bough about a year ago, and have a Motion Sensor/Microphone/Camera to do motion jesters to play games receive commands for Siri and to make FaceTime Phone Calls. Also in the show they will announce OS X 10.11 and iOS 9, announce the Music Service, maybe say something about the iPad Pro that will have a detachable keyboard to go up against Microsoft’s Surface 3 Pro, and the state of Apple on how well the Apple Watch did and other products in the lineup.

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