Struggling Samsung delays rollout of mobile payment service

“Samsung Electronics Co. delayed the start of its mobile payment service until September, further hindering its ability to gain ground against competing services from Apple Inc. and Google Inc.,” Jungah Lee reports for Bloomberg. “”

“Samsung Pay will debut in the U.S. and South Korea in conjunction with the company’s next high-end mobile device, Executive Vice President Rhee In Jong said during an investor call Wednesday,” Lee reports. “The company previously said the service would start as soon as July.”

“Samsung also is trying to reverse declining market share in smartphone sales to Apple, which debuted Apple Pay last year,” Lee reports. “That payment service is backed by more than 2,500 banks and credit unions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In mobile contactless payments, there is Apple looming like an Everest far above a morass of confused muck from Google, MCX, and other also-ran wannabes.

Just wait until Apple Pay’s rewards launch! You haven’t seen anything yet!


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      1. Yes.

        To start with, you will be paid with increased transaction and identity security.

        You will also have more control over your consumer information (unless you tie your purchasing activities to retail affinity cards).

        You will also enjoy the increased convenience of Apple Pay.

        So you are “paid.”

        I do not know whether or not you will ever receive rewards/rebates/incentives as part of the Apple Pay program. But it is certainly possible.

  1. How can Apple offer any meaningful rewards program when they get 0.15% of each transaction? Sorry, significant rewards will only come from credit card companies.

  2. With typical lack of foresight, the self-branded name of their service, “Samsung Pay” will obviously be gleefully shortened by others to “Spay”… as in spaying and neutering.

    Which is ironic and appropriate given this news… they’re neutered before they can even get into the game.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if Google is behind this, as Anything with Android in the name belongs to Google and everyone else better butt out or you will be denied the license for googles android.

  4. Samsung: Do you HAVE to be ‘me too’, ‘also ran’ every single time? Just throw in the towel already and let the EXPERT and the SINCERE companies do it.

    Let your lame alternative die, if only as a public service.

    Don’t you think you’ve screwed yourselves enough already?

  5. Today I hopped out of my vehicle at the grocery store, phone in my hand. Locked and closed the door, and then realized that my wallet was still inside. Said to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if I could just use my phone pay?”… no Apple Pay here in Canada yet.

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