How to make Apple Watch home screen icons all the same size

“When Apple first introduced iOS 7, there were some folks who did not appreciate the parallax effect and increased motion of the new version of iOS,” Jim Lynch writes for CIO. “The Apple Watch also has similar interface animations, and seeing them might not be right for everybody.”

“It’s easy and quick to reduce motion on your Apple Watch… [and, once you do], when you press the Digital Crown to go from the watch face to the home screen, you’ll notice that the icons don’t zoom in the way that they did before,” Lynch writes. “The home screen icons on the Apple Watch all increase to the same size with Reduce Motion on. The ones on the periphery no longer shrink in size and that can make tapping on them much easier for some Apple Watch owners.

“So if you want all your Apple Watch home screen icons to be the same size, be sure to turn on Reduce Motion,” Lynch writes. “It might make it much easier and more comfortable to see the icons and tap on them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re giving it a go for a day. Have you used/are you using Reduce Motion on your Apple Watch? If so, how do you like it?


  1. Yes, I have been using Reduce Motion for about a month now. I have my apps stacked in rows of 2 apps, then 3 apps, then 2 apps, etc., etc. Reduce Motion as mentioned above, allows me to hit the apps that are off center much easier. I LIKE it!

  2. I imagine this is like the Magnify effect on the OS X dock. Impressive visual wow factor when Jobs showed it off in the first OSX beta with Aqua in 2000, but it wasn’t even on by default when it finally shipped. I didn’t know anyone who used it because every item in the Dock became a moving target.

    1. Have used magnifier in dock for ages. And NO, it does not make it a moving target.

      Will try “no motion” today, but kind of doubt it will be better since I always centralize the icon I want to tap using the crown anyway. That way it’s always big enough to tap and always right int the centre.

    2. Have used Magnification from the beginning (yes, the very beginning) and I do believe it was more of a moving target back then but over the years has been refined to work very well. I’m guessing the same will happen over time with the Watch interface.

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