Apple Watch Complications could bring glanceable, clutter-free info to iPhone lock screens

“Right out of the box, the Apple Watch offers greater customization than perhaps any other first-generation Apple product in history,” Neil Hughes writes for AppleInsider. “In particular, user-configurable ‘complications’ on watch faces could foreshadow similar customization coming to the iPhone lock screen.”

“Complications on the Apple Watch strike a balance between Apple’s desire for strict control of the user interface, as well as a need to allow users to personalize their device in a way that works best for them,” Hughes writes. “Widget-like complications can only be located in certain spots on some watch faces, and even then the size and amount of information shown cannot be changed.”

“Rather than allowing a flood of third-party widgets to create ugly and cluttered lock screens, Apple could restrict iPhone complications to specific locations, with specific data,” Hughes writes. “In the future, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple open up complications on the Apple Watch to some third-party data, in a limited capacity. But the company will need to do so in a way that maintains the simple, clean, and easy to read aesthetic of the built-in watch faces.’

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This would be a welcome solution. Who wouldn’t like to be able to put stock quotes or the score of the game or whatever is personally important on their iPhone lock screen?


  1. Charming how we’re now using the word (complications) with its fairly unorthodox meaning (from the horology jargon), describing elements on a watch / clock beyond those that tell time (hours/minutes/seconds)…

    1. And I suspect that insiders are discomfited by the intrusion of the hoi-polloi into their formerly sacrosanct milieu. This is one of those stories that never gets old. Aristocracy overthrown by upstarts, Fashion brutally redefined, Essentialism challenged, the very basis of Civilization threatened. Why, it’s positively Napoleonic…

  2. I am sure hapless Fandroid will be gleeful to point out “we’ve had this for years.” Also they’ll call it “Apple catch-up” & “Apple copying Google again.”

    Just want to remind they also have a feature we’ll never have – Google Data-Mining & Privacy Invasion™. Cheapskate Fandroid = Google product.

    1. Wait, now that I think about it, I hardly ever see the lock screen. I use the Home button to wake my phone and unlock it with Touch ID. The home screen doesn’t even display long enough to even read the time, let alone complications. So what would be the point of adding even more data to a screen that users spend no time on?

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