Apple’s 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ will feature Bluetooth smart stylus, Force Touch, NFC and more, source says

“Apple is indeed working on a larger iPad which will feature a number of changes, including an all-new Bluetooth stylus accessory with pressure sensitivity, support for Force Touch input, and a USB-C connector,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“A person familiar with Apple’s future product plans has revealed that the company is in fact working on an all-new iPad with a larger 12.9-inch display,” Hughes reports. “This person said that Apple is expected to include an NFC radio within the new 12.9-inch iPad. While tap-to-pay functionality in an iPad is unlikely, the inclusion of NFC could allow for an “iPad Pro” to serve as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay.”

“The inclusion of NFC could also allow for simplified pairing with accessories, such as the new stylus said to be in the works,” Hughes reports. “Apple’s stylus will connect via Bluetooth, and that it will feature pressure-sensitive input. The screen itself will also reportedly sense pressure from fingertips, as Apple is said to be planning to bring its Force Touch input to the 12.9-inch iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds just like our next iPads!


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  1. For all the people who are going to say that Apple took too long to release a 13″ iPad and that they should have done it years ago WHAT-WERE-YOU-WAITING-FOR-APPLE??!!!111

    Apple had to wait for a 13″ iPad to be light enough to be practical. Released years ago, it would have been a Soviet-issue brick like the Surface. But now, you can expect the 13″ iPad to weigh less than the original 9.7″ iPad did, because the technology allows it to.

    1. If it’s just a big iPad, it wont do ANYTHING for sales.

      Tim Cook is a lazy creampuff. He had an opportunity to make the iPad the best mobile computer in the world, yet in 5-years on the market the functionality is identical to Jobs’ original device… shameful.

      All he did was milk the iPad revenue without improving upon the software (if anything they made iOS worse).

      If he thinks a bigger screen is going to change things then he is wrong.

      1. It sounds like you’re describing the Surface, and look how well that’s been doing.

        The iPad was never intended to be a full-fledged computer (though with its extensive app ecosystem it does a really good job of approximating one).

        Oh yeah, the swipe at Cook’s sexual proclivities isn’t very cool (the whole “cream puff) nonsense).

        1. I was in the tech industry for 20-years. I have my issues with Microsoft probably more so than the average Joe.

          Even still, I give MS credit for not standing still and at least trying to innovate. A chimpanzee could’ve done a better job innovating the iPad over Tim Cook.

          And by the way, if his sexuality has nothing to do with it, then why are most gay people throwing the fact that they’re gay in our faces every single chance they get. Tell your parents and your partner and friends. If anyone else wants to know they’ll ask… trust me, most of us don’t want to know.

          He also throws his personal life out in public and ties his personal decisions to business issues. If Tim Cook’s personal lifestyle is an issue with him as CEO of Apple, it’s because he makes it one!

          1. “innovating the iPad?” What does that even mean? Just because it’s not what you think it should be or do doesn’t mean that it’s not innovative.

            And by the way, Cook may wear his sexuality on his sleeve–I don’t follow him all that closely, so I can’t necessarily say–but I get the feeling that if you call queer person–it was a “cream puff,” wasn’t it–then I get the feeling that they might not think to well of you, to put it lightly.

            By the way, how is he throwing his personal life into anything? What do we actually know about him, other than his sexual proclivities?

            Absolutely nothing. He runs Apple and he’s queer, that’s pretty much the sum of what I know about the man. Hell, I know more about the Kardashians and for the moment, Bruce Jenner–and that’s primarily by osmosis because I frankly can care less.

    1. Force Touch will allow a stylus on a touch screen to be practical for the first time. The reason your signature with a stylus on current touch screens looks like a first-grader wrote it is because the screen doesn’t recognize pressure.

      1. To be fair many other tablets for some years now have included WACOM quality pressure sensitivity in their tablets, so the issue you’re describing is more Apple specific in that this will be the first time that Apple finally decided to include these features.

  2. If Apple releases an iPad with a stylus, they damn well better include a vastly updated version of Inkwell which traces its roots all the way back to the Newton. Think of all the students (or others) taking notes and having the iPad convert everything to standard text (even mathematical formulas). Otherwise I don’t see the point of having a stylus if the screen already can do pressure sensitive differentiation when a person uses his/her finger.

    1. There are existing iPad apps that convert handwriting to text, including formulas. You can even get a custom keyboard that interprets hand printed letters.

    1. Another words a new hybrid , adaptable dual OS portable computing device 🙂
      And the new macbook is proof that technology is there to pull it off and make it sweet, sexy and practical.

      1. No, in other words just a proper file system please. Drives me nuts the iPad still can’t provide some kind of common file system / area in the storage. I don’t want a mac or a hybrid, just a few proper features please.

  3. Imagine the commercial possibilities for an iPad with NFC. Maybe Square uses it for its rather hipster cash registers in conjunction with Apple Pay. Or folks doing inspections connect to sensors with data loggers to grab up readings and then take a picture using the built in camera and notate using the visual using the stylus.

    1. You beat me to it with the Square comment. I am anxiously waiting for an Apple Pay solution for my business, and Square was very vocal about incorporating it until just recently. Maybe they got a sneak peak to develop software that can be ready on launch day?

      Just thinking out loud.

      1. Steve Jobs, now there’s a man who reserved the right to change his mind, if there ever was one. And he did, sometimes in the space of a few minutes. That’s a big contrast both in mindset and in corporate success to Microsoft’s CEOs Gates and Ballmer. Windows everywhere, forever. I like our plan, I like it a lot. Go down with the ship.

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