Beleaguered BlackBerry axes smartphone employees

“BlackBerry Ltd. said Friday it is laying off an undisclosed number of employees in its device business including those focused on development of smartphone software and applications,” Ben Dummett reports for MarketWatch.

“The layoffs come after the struggling smartphone maker, which employs about 7,000 people globally, said in April it was considering closing its offices in Sweden, in a move that would put as many as 100 employees out of work,” Dummett reports. “A BlackBerry spokeswoman Friday declined to confirm if the layoffs in Sweden have taken place and if so if they were part of the latest cuts.”

Dummett reports, “BlackBerry’s revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter ended Feb. 28 fell 32% and the company cautioned then that it didn’t expect sales of its key new device-management software, which was launched in November, to pick up until the second half of the company’s current fiscal year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Look on the bright side: For an ever-growing number of ex-BlackBerry employees, amateur hour is over.

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  1. This should be a lesson for ALL arrogant, narcissistic, corporate schmucks, who blather on about their delusional omnipotence in technology. Isn’t that right Mikey? IDIOT.

    Indeed, amateur hour IS over.

    How bout it Zune Tang? Anything to add?

  2. the MDN take is pretty cold. Yeah you don’t like blackberry, we get that. Fine. But to make such a crass and flippant comment about folks losing their jobs, folks that rely on that job to feed their family every day. That’s pretty hearltless and not really necessary. Keep the vitriol focused at blackberry without being so condescending to the average person trying to make ends meet. We know you guys are rich as hell based on reviewing your commentary on this site for a while and don’t have the same concerns as the average person just trying to make ends meet. It would be nice to see yall be a little more considerate in the comments you make. More humane. I can’t even imagine that your idol Steve jobs himself would be so gloating over folks becoming unemployed. Please consider that not everyone coming to your site is not from your same socioeconomic background. Thanks!

    1. Most of the vitriol is aimed squarely at the CEO’s, twin or otherwise who’re now “spending quality time with their families.” The employees are a sad side casualty of their hubris, vision-lack, action-lack and general blind-sided incompetence.

      BTW this MDN group may not be at poverty level but I don’t think there are many millionaires posting here either.

      1. CEO’s are supposed to guide and plan their company’s progress. As such they must get input from their brightest and best engineers and designers.

        I haven’t met a SINGLE designer who was not totally blown away by Steve Jobs 2007 Keynote on the iPhone.

        Yet BB’s designer’s input (if the co-CEOs sought it out as they should have) must have been TOTALLY ignored.

        This was a total failure of the CEOs! Who controls the CEOs, but the shareholders through the Board of Directors. They all failed the company.

        1. There’s a book coming out telling the whole gruesome Twin CEO RIM Blackberry story, with each consoling the other that “everything would be all right and not to worry.” Complacent fools. But then Apple depends on complacent fools to gobsmack the world with fantastic new devices and “obvious” design choices they didn’t think of.

    2. You might not remember, but MDN’s Take is a direct result of:

      ” target=”_new” rel=”nofollow”>RIM tells Apple that “amateur hour is over.”

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