Apple’s Jeff Williams made your iPhone and Watch – now he’s ready to talk about it

“One of Apple’s most important executives — Jeff Williams, the company’s senior vice president of operations — has been working at Apple for almost two decades, mostly outside the public’s view,” Dan Frommer reports for Quartz. “Now, as CEO Tim Cook continues to reshape a company that for years was associated with just one executive, Williams is starting to get more face time.”

“Tomorrow, Williams will represent the company in a session at the Code Conference near Los Angeles — his first big, public interview,” Frommer reports. “Code—previously ‘D,’ which journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher founded while working at the Wall Street Journal — is the very high-profile tech executive confab where the rarely interviewed Steve Jobs paid regular visits, including a famous sit-down with fellow panelist Bill Gates in 2007.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How about making a few more Watches there, buddy? 😉

MacDailyNews Note: An earlier version of the article mistakenly referred to Jeff Williams as Apple’s COO. Williams is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations. (Thanks, rogifan.)


  1. Williams can hardly be blamed for the current shortfall of product when one of two manufacturers whose sensors met QA standards, but then showed up as defective in initial production runs, was responsible for around 50% of production. It happens. Perhaps he should be praised instead for realizing that this could happen for a new part, and splitting production between two manufacturers.

    Imagine what would have happened if he didn’t.

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