The many ways Apple’s iPhone is better than Android handsets

Let’s “examine why the iPhone is better than Android handsets,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “To start things off, many talented developers still launch new apps for iOS first and then release Android versions somewhere down the road. This is a big advantage for iPhone users who like to be ahead of the curve.”

“The design of Apple’s iPhone lineup is far better than most Android phones,” Epstein writes. “Other checks in the iPhone column include Touch ID, Apple Pay, better parental controls and Apple’s superior customer service, which is undeniably better than anything offered by any Android phone vendor.”

“Apple’s overall app ecosystem and the quality of third-party iOS apps compared to Android apps… has been Apple’s biggest advantage for years,” Epstein writes. “The simple fact of the matter is that while Android developers have far more freedom with their apps, the app experience on iOS devices is almost universally smoother and more user-friendly than it is on Android phones.”

“Even in instances where the same exact app is available on the iPhone and on Android, the iPhone experience is almost always vastly superior,” Epstein writes. “iPhone apps look better, they’re more fluid and the user experience is better by a good margin.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, but for self-identifying as a cheapskate who can’t even grasp simple concepts like TCO, Android is unmatched.

As we wrote earlier this month:

“You have to be a special kind of stupid to choose a bad forgery when the actual Mona Lisa is sitting right next to it, especially with similar price tags on both.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mark” for the heads up.]

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    1. It doesn’t help that some apps are only available to mac users with an apple-id from the developer’s own country.
      E.g., as a Belgian, I am on vacation in Spain, trying to download 2 apps, whose purpose is to serve natives and tourists alike. The apps are from Guaguas (the intercity bus company) in Lanzarote and from Well, they can’t be downloded with a Belgian Apple-ID. Crazy. (besides, this situation is illegal, because the EU requires equal access to goods and services all over Europe).
      Thanks Apple, for making iOS users the laughing stock of Android users.

  1. This article is a joke article right?. This Epstein idiot names all things that were better on apple for past ten years, but now with Android at 80% of all smart phones and apple down to a pathetic 14.1% from a once high 90%, all the thing u say r now better on Android. App Dev r now making FIRST on android as of April of 2015 because now android has more market share AND as of may 2015 more revenue, which was apples last ace card now in their arch enemy’s hand, sorry apple slaves truth hurts try not to be so arrogant next time

    1. High market share doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. It usually means a more affordable product or more available product. Nokia had huge cellphone market share and lost it. RIM had huge smartphone market share and lost it. Market share is a very fleeting thing. For all we know, Android’s turn may come quite soon. Apple will probably cause financial pain to all Android smartphone vendors where it won’t even be worthwhile for them to stay in business. Apple is going to suck all the profits out of the smartphone business as time goes on. I think Apple only needs to get some better battery tech and that could be the tipping point.

    2. You are so right lance, Adenoid is so very much better than iOS. Now, go back to your ghetto and tell your booger buddies that you won the battle on that Apple fan site. Your stuff is just as good as Apple’s and you are just as good as those people with college edumacations.

    3. Apple got 93% of all smartphone profits last quarter. Samsung has been sinking reporting lower revenues and lower sales quarter after quarter.

      You are simply making this shit up. Cult of Android — an Android fan site — reports on the failure of the S6 and S6 Edge, being bigger failures than the S5 which fills a warehouse with unsold product.

      Crap-phones is where Android rules. Samsung’s revenue success is partly due to Apple being their customer for chips and because they make a lot of non-computer products.

    4. Nobody is going to develop shit on android first, ever. Because the whole point of Android, as with any Google product, is to put smartphones in the hands of poor people so Google can gain more revenue. Therefore nobody using android is going to buy anything, making it pointless to focus on android first, because to recover development costs as quickly as possible devs need to build for iOS, the real smartphone OS.

      1. More “ad revenue” *, because clearly they won’t get shit for a free junk OS. This is what happens when you buy technology developed by a company with the primary source of revenue being advertisements, versus buying technology developed by a company with a primary source of revenue being hardware, software, and services.

    1. Oppenheimer says Samsung is ‘placing the wrong bet’ on Galaxy S6 hardware.

      Excerpt follows:

      “Samsung is “placing the wrong bet” on the hardware of its latest flagship phone, and now its smartphone business is imploding, according to a new research note from the investment bank Oppenheimer.

      Over the past year, the South Korean company has seen a catastrophic collapse, with sales in China dropping by more than 50%.

      Now shipments of its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, are also down, while the iPhone soars to unprecedented heights.” 🖖😀⌚️

    2. lance you are a superb ambassador for Android. Juvenile, easily excitable, low IQ, poor grammar, thin on actual facts, large on made up rubbish.

      Keep it up, you are doing a good job making yourself and your platform look idiotic.

    1. TCO – Total Cost of Ownership: a measure of the true cost of a product when all the repairs, upkeep, extra required items, value of utility, down time, learning curve / lessons, etc are added into the cost of ownership. Sometimes the original sticker price is only a small part of ownership.

  2. “You have to be a special kind of stupid to choose a bad forgery when the actual Mona Lisa is sitting right next to it, especially with similar price tags on both.”

    Describes androids very nicely!

      1. For poor illiterate suckers like Lance, this is a tribal thing. A double whammy, because what fool would align themselves with a shady company like Samsung, with their history of criminality at the highest levels, and ingrained dishonest and exploitative corporate practices? Of course, for poor Lance, being unable to discern the difference between a great product and a third rate one is handicap enough.

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