How Apple’s Jony Ive influenced the new ‘Star Wars’ films

“Apple seems to have had a hand in dressing the Galactic Empire — at least from a design perspective,” Robert Hackett reports for Fortune.

“We’re not talking Levi 501s and black mock turtlenecks, as was the signature style of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs,” Hackett reports. “Rather, Star Wars costume designer, Michael Kaplan, tells Vanity Fair in a Q&A that he channeled the tech giant’s minimalist taste in creating the uniforms worn by characters in the next installment of the blockbuster series.”

Bruce Handy for Vanity Fair: Did you invent some kind of fashion back-story in your head to explain how the look of this galaxy might have evolved?

Michael Kaplan: Maybe subconsciously, but with the stormtroopers it was more of a simplification, almost like, “What would Apple do?” J.J. wanted them to look like stormtroopers at a glance but also be different enough to kind of wow people and get them excited about the new design.

The new stormtroopers featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
The new stormtroopers featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Read more in Vanity Fair’s full Q&A here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, you can see the influence of Jony Ive. It’s everywhere – just look at Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.


  1. Why oh why did they put the new Star Wars franchise in the hands of JJ Abrams? Ugh!

    Original storm trooper design is superior to the new one.

    Also, I am not encouraged by the trailers, as the first human being I see in them is usually some black guy. Is there really nothing white people can enjoy anymore without having black people thrown in our face? They’re only about 12% of the population, and the most worthless 12% by far.

    I guess at this point I should be grateful that there are at least SOME white people in it. We’re probably only about one sequel away from the cast being divided among mestizos and blacks, the dialog being a mixture of Spanish and ebonics, and the music score being a mixture of mariachi hat dances and gangsta rap.

    1. You are pissed off at the color of the casting. I’ve got news for you and your kind.

      The Amerindians and the Inuit/Eskimos are preparing for all out war.

    2. It’s people like you who are the main reason America was originally founded. Too bad the tenets of the constitution have been diluted to the point of being treated as quaint notions or mere “guidelines”.
      If I were an American, and I’m not, I would be outraged at the decimation of said constitution or bill of rights.
      Amazing how maniacal the same people who embrace and defend the right to bear arms are able to completely ignore the basic equality and freedom of religion guaranteed every American.
      When I was young and stupid, I thought the idea of America was the most significant advancement in human rights in history. Growing up in the fifties and sixties completely undid that impression.
      Racism is ugly, and you sir are an ugly human being to any person who still believes in that most basic of human rights – equality. As a white person, I don’t feel superior to anyone, except maybe racists, whatever colour they may be. Racism isn’t about white people or black people. Anybody can be racist, it’s sad. Fear of the other is almost instinctive. We are, all of us, human beings and have the capacity to exercise reason and compassion instead of instinctive fear, like an animal, or like you sir, revelling in your whiteness, blind to the pain and destruction you are causing. I know also that no amount of reason or Logic will sway you, you were most likely raised to have the beliefs you have. You do have a brain, but it has been hijacked.
      As this is a site for Apple discussions, it would be nice to read comments that are intelligent, insightful and on-topic. Mostly, people are all three, but your comment is ugly, stupid, and way off topic. You add nothing, try to take something away from others, and end up being hated, by all people who embrace humanity and everything that means. please take your act somewhere else, no one here is even slightly interested in your infantile views.

      Thanks for playing, now take yer shit and go back to Faux News and U.S. Views and World Distorts. Don’t forget yer shotgun.


      1. Your moral preening and monumental self regard are both very impressive and have influenced me to see the error of my ways.

        I’ve been looking at examples of this equality you speak of, and it is truly remarkable:

        Technological Achievement:

        Medicinal Science:

        High Culture:

    3. @bereanbob

      Umm…not sure how to frame this…

      See, the Empire’s white male hegemony is in stark contrast to the Rebellions’ infinite diversity in infinite combinations (‘Vulcans Rock).

      Systems that are rigid, inflexible, and unchanging (but this is how it’s always been) tend to get replaced by nimble, faster, dynamic systems.

      Read a book.

  2. Have we ever seen anyone in Star Wars make a long- range shot with the scope on their guns? Other than maybe sand people? What were the called? But I don’t think they even had scopes. I’ll have to go back and look.

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