Carl Icahn lauds Apple Watch, but he doesn’t want to be pushy

“A day after Carl Icahn filed his latest open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he was back on CNBC, talking with the network’s Scott Wapner about everything Apple, especially his call for a larger buyback,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Later in the segment, asked about the Apple Watch, Icahn was enthusiastic, saying he planned to get one at one point,” Ray reports. “‘I’m going to get one, I didn’t want to be pushy and ask for a special watch when people couldn’t get ‘em. But I definitely will be wearing one. I have to admit… It’s like when I had that dick tracey watch you talk into — it was like a myth! You talk into this watch, you ask it what’s the price of Icahn Enterprises and it flashes it right back at you!'”

Ray reports, “Icahn’s associate, David Schechter, said he had gotten the watch, and was quite happy with it, and predicted that over time it will become something most people a must-have, versus being a discretionary item today. ‘It’s a beautiful watch,’ said Schechter. ‘Over the next few years, it’s going to go from something that you want to have to something that you have to have.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in March: Just like the tens of millions who said they didn’t want or need an iPhone, who are now on their fifth iPhone, so it’ll go with Apple Watch.

And, as we wrote last month: …Once people start using Apple Watch, they aren’t going to want to leave it at home. Ever.


  1. Icahn not being pushy. Now that’s funny.
    I put mine on first thing in the morning so that it registers that I have stood for that hour. Hopefully with this new update it will register standing more accurately.

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