Apple plans to refresh iOS 9, OS X 10.11 using Apple Watch’s new ‘San Francisco’ font

“Apple is currently planning to use the new system font developed for the Apple Watch to refresh the looks of iPads, iPhones, and Macs running iOS 9 ‘Monarch’ and OS X 10.11 ‘Gala,’according to sources with knowledge of the preparations,” Mark Gurmnan reports for 9to5Mac.

“Current plans call for the Apple-designed San Francisco font to replace Helvetica Neue, which came to iOS 7 in 2013 and OS X Yosemite just last year, beginning with a June debut at WWDC,” Gurmnan reports. “The slightly flashier and somewhat more readable San Francisco font first appeared on the Apple Watch, which was shown in September 2014 and released last month.”

“Some third-party developers have already started to redesign their apps for San Francisco,” Gurmnan reports, “which began to stretch beyond the Apple Watch when the new 12-inch MacBook debuted with keyboard characters printed in the new font.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good. The San Francisco is significantly more readable than Helvetica Neue.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


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      Love thy neighbor as thyself.

      1. If you’re against putting down “people who are different,” then why did you just put me down?

        As far as “loving thy neighbor as thyself,” in what way is comforting people in their sins an example of love?

        1. Hey Beer ‘n’ boob, I don’t know why you post here unless it is just to stir up a hornets nest. By most definitions, this is what is commonly called trolling on the internet. You could gracefully leave the site OR start posting thoughtful opinions about Macs and other products. Go troll elsewhere.

          1. So, unless we agree with all that isn’t true or agreeable keep your opinions to yourself. Not. That sounds very single sided in a world that is inherent on voicing opinions. I guess the other side of that coin is FANBOY, pathetic, lifeless etc.

    1. There was indeed an original Mac San Francisco bitmapped font. I’ll link an image of it below.

      The NEW ‘San Francisco’ is essentially an improved version of Helvetica over the too thin version used in 10.10 Yosemite. It’s been available via open source since last summer, but you have to be careful if you install it into OS X because, at least the initial version, was incredibly buggy and incompatible with aspects of the operating system. I know from personal experience. Be sure the heed the warning offered at the source site, which I’ll link separately below.

      1. Here’s where you can download an open source rendition of the new ‘San Francisco’ Helvetica-esque font:

        I note that there is no longer any warning on the website about potential problems using the font! Kewlness. But watch for quirky behavior after you install the font, just in case it has some lingering bugs. If you run into problems, just pull it out of the Library/Fonts folder and, depending where you installed it, either log in again or reboot.

        1. I tried that hack and to be honest whilst it was better than Neue I can’t say I found it that big an improvement. IMHO Lucida was much better.

          The real problem is the lack of contrast in the new ‘flat’ look. It might work fine on a Retina screen but for since I use an alternative – NEC monitor – it doesn’t really cut it despite trying to tweak the display settings.

          I’ve said before on these threads, Yosemite has been the reason I’ve started looking seriously at Win 10 if only for the sake of my eyesight.

          1. *sympathy*sigh* Some good news: I’ve been beta testing Flavours2. So far, it works great for altering Yosemite into something much easier to see.

            The other major hack to try is Yosemite Revert. I’ve communicated with its developer and he’s dedicated to continue adding features until all of the objectionable features of Yosemite can be removed and changed back to previous, superior OS X features.

            1. Does Flavours2 let you change menu fonts?

              I’m downloading it now to play with on my test Mac. I just can’t stand what Apple did to the interface on Yosemite. Years and years of refining what works thrown out the window.

  1. My first Mac, an Apple LC I bought around 1992 running (I think) OS6 came with a font called “San Francisco.” The letters were all different heights, supposedly to simulate the hills of SF. The font came with a warning not to use it for business correspondence because it wasn’t professional enough!
    Did they finally run out of names for fonts?

  2. Good news! While I like Helvetica and Neue for specific uses it just never seemed to work as a system font. Something just off about it. I really hope this rumor holds.

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