Mossberg: How to customize your new Apple Watch

“So you got an Apple Watch. Or you’re still obsessively tracking the shipping data for the one you preordered,” Walt Mossberg writes for Re/code. “Once you have it, how do really you make it your own?”

“I’m not talking about which watch face to select on any given day, or whichever particular band you chose,” Mossberg writes. “Those things matter, of course. But lets talk about customizing the software so you have the apps you want, where you want them; having your favorite contacts and frequently-sought info in an accessible place; and receiving a helpful number of notifications, but not so many that you want to take the thing off.”

“As I learned after wearing the watch for a month, tweaking these settings and others can make the wearable far more useful,” Mossberg writes. “So here’s a quick guide to personalizing the Apple Watch. Some of this can be done on the watch itself, but most of it is handled by the companion Apple Watch app that resides on your iPhone…”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mossberg’s article provides a good foundation for new Apple Watch owners.

We’re still deep into testing Apple Watch apps, so we have far too many apps, glances, and active notifications currently — yet we still can get our batteries down below 30% by the end of the day!


    1. Ordered on the 14th of April. Originally showed available in June, but the shipment time updated a couple days ago to show “Available to ship: 5-6 weeks.” What sucks is, the exact same model on the Apple website today shows “Available to ship: 5-7 weeks.” Hopefully Apple is “under promising” and “over delivering” on this one.

  1. Has anyone else had issues with “Automatically Download Apps” doing nothing? Even though I have it turned off, any apps that install on my phone install on my watch! Then I have to delete them from the watch. I have assumed this is a bug that will get fixed, and it isn’t a huge problem, just mildly annoying.

  2. Just ordered mine (my wife’s, actually). Was hoping things were still getting quicker, but 4-6 weeks out still. That’s okay – I have time to get my wife on the Dexcom hardware first before adding the Watch to the mix.

    Bookmarked this page to share with here in a month. 🙂

  3. I predict that displaying the time will become an aside, like “oh, and it also tells the time,” like you would have on a camera or other device. (I have numerous analog watches that I probably will wear on my other wrist.)

  4. Milanese band is arriving via UPS today. Ordered the watch and the band on April 14. The watch was originally due to ship in June but Apple updated the notification and shipped it around May 2. The band is also due to arrive earlier than the original estimate. Under promise and over deliver. That’s Apple. I like their strategy. I’ve always liked it and liked it “a lot!”

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