Apple Watch could be the tipping point for the mobile-first enterprise

“The concept of mobile-first is certainly in full-force in the consumer world,” Tom Taulli writes for Forbes. “Just look at the tremendous success of apps like Uber.”

“But the enterprise has been a different matter. True, smartphones are extremely popular in the workplace. Yet how many workers really use them to fundamentally change the way things are done?” Taulli writes. “So far, there hasn’t been an Uber moment.”

“However, as for Rajesh Ram, he thinks the time has come. His company, Egnyte (he is the co-founder and VP of Products), is making a big-time bet on the mobile-first enterprise. And yes, a key part of this is the Apple Watch” Taulli writes. “‘The potential is endless right now,’ said Rajesh. ‘Folks are already developing at an aggressive pace to try and make that first ‘home run’ application on the device. While it will take time, there is some part of me that feels like it could end up being as commonplace as the iPad. Entire industries can benefit from being hands-free.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just wait until Apple+IBM start releasing enterprise apps for Apple Watch!

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  1. The cool thing is that with Microsoft’s strategic surrender of the mobile OS war, they are now fully supporting iOS, in addition to Android.

    With even Microsoft helping iPhone’s and iPads flow into the enterprise, Apple couldn’t lose even if Tim Cook set up a special task force to try and lose.

    It is incredible, but giant Apple still has many years of growth purely on current momentum.

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